Where is CharmedWitchedBente?

  • We must have an mutual agreement and understanding to call each other on our mistakes and faults and errors!! It is our duty as friends to correct each other and ourselves, with humility, when we are wrong!! To hold ourselves to less would be diminishing!! We would only be betraying ourselves, for we must behave in accordance with who we want to be!! In the words of Niall Ferguson,"Its NOT the fault of the mirror if it reflects our blemishes as clearly as our beauty"....WHAT IS HE SAYING??

  • Well ive been absent n busy n not in mood to help anyone but meself. 4 a rare phase i placed myself numero uno. egoistic? hell yeah n about time also.

    Ahm call each others flaws out? i dont know bc useally that means depression in me. Ive too many times too long n too often in my life been the butt joke of all else.

    If we however can go to we agree to disagree then im fine but the calling out flaws? ah pass


  • He is telling u he has flaws n makes mistakes like anybody else. Its basically saying take me as i am n ill take u as u are. N the talk if u foul up is not a hey u fopuled up but more a ok i understand u fouled up so if there is a next time consider mayb doing it differently.

    I think all u need to say to him is:

    I get it!


  • But what I dont understand is how is that relevant to me? Do you think he is mad at me because I havent seen him yet?...Then he says after that..." At the end of the day I want you to know I have the utmost respect for you doing what your doing. CharmedWitchBente he is even distant at the moment( in his shell( A CANCER)...He said to me Im taking major breaks in between with communicating because I feel since I (him) havent been around in a while ppl are too disengaged, its sad sometimes.

  • Maybe he is apologizing. im as u on the field where the voltures has long turned back regard cancer men n men beahvior n thinkings. im not per se fluent in how mens minds work, ahm mayb u n i oughta ask men this question?

  • so nowi dont know if he only wants to be friends or possible something more in the near future...he is not a direct person and Im extrememly afraid of rejection...idk what to do

  • What have u got to loose?

  • him and my pride are very important...and possible outcomes

  • Come on now, ur pride u have already n u aint gothim yet per se. so as far as i can see u cant loose either as u aint done nothing to loose it. n possible outcomes? aint there as many as stars in the sky?

    U gain nothing by maintaining status quo! N if u await his move, u can sit on ur butt n wait forever n not get no where, kinda like uve been for uhh 6 plusmonths now no?

    This is NOT the 1600s n woman R liberated. lemmi tell u from mouths of men, men LOVE it when they too are shown they are wanted. Which again shows what ive said time over n again, when it comes to crushes n love, friendship n relationship in the making BOTH parties fear the same, REJECTION.

    N if all played is safe like u i ask myself how then did earth as we know it become so populated? bc chances are women did make a move regardles of the nomove of men.

    so seriously is ur pride THAT important when its weighed to a longterm close to old age good thing? consider it.

  • It COULD also b that he awaits ur i understand n i want u of all n non of the men i see on campus reply , he awaits n he is making u clear that if u dont make a move to show u also want him he´ll move on n explains it by human nature ? Now this from a mans point of view makes sense in my head, so i say pride be dammed.

  • N PRAY tell what the H is pride when we talk love n fullfilling relationship that contains a possible 40 to 50 year of bliss? Seriously. So young n so ...........SIGH! kids!

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