• I am having a rant, because frankly I am beginning to feel really disgusted about coming to these forums. Seriously. Posting everything in capital letters is considered bad etiquette on the Internet as it is akin to shouting when speaking. Simply put, it's rude and smacks of desperation.

    While we're on the topic, so is the constant bumping of your threads every 30 minutes. I totally understand the desire to get help, to get answers, but if you are that desperate for answers then it may be a wise idea to pay someone for a reading. There are plenty of trusted sources out there available to you.

    I mean where is your compassion and consideration for other people who post here? They have their own issues. They want answers too. Don't they deserve the same opportunity to get them? How is that even possible if you're bumping your thread to the top forcing theirs down?

    And to be perfectly blunt, the people bumping their threads tend to be so desperate for answers, they're not willing to accept the ones they are given anyway. So if you want to bump threads, do the decent thing and bump someone else's.

    Take a look at Healingways' thread in the Divination forum. After all the suffering she has been through recently, she is still being polite and respectful to her peers.

    Anyway, end of rant. And yes, I do realise the irony of ranting about posting everything in CAPITALS when I have done so with my own thread title 😛

    I love lamp.

  • BUMP !!! :]

  • lol I should have seen that one coming

  • As a mater of fact you should...i've got a name for you, you know : GateKeeper.

    Now go meditate what that means coz i don't have a clue lol it just bumped in my head 2 days ago...

  • We really need to communicate by email or IM mate. What's the best way to get in touch with you? If you don't mind of course

  • Remember what you where called for no one said it would be easy or rewarding just the opposite patience and tolerance is the key to understanding and LOVE is the allowance of each to grow and confront their own existence of their reality at this time of change even your own .REMEMBER who you are and what you where called for you are the path finders.

    I think i am going to call you poncho and lefty LOL Seahorse give Mark my email and Mark email me if you like i will answer as soon as i can . Tooter


  • PisceanHealer--is May out the door yet? Keep your energy intact--let the whirlwind begin---change is calling---follow that calling. Your feelings of irritation are timely---shift your irritation towards a new goal--energy is energy--spend it well and remember past readings warning you--preparing you for this shift. BLESSINGS!

  • That was well said Delbertc and Blmoon, advice many of us could adhear too now.

  • Let your emotions flow freely it allows change to come in when we harbor bent up frustrations and feelings it blocks our moving forward its not about rejecting or denieing or knowing its about just being and letting it be at that given time its a releasing of the old self of the 3rd constraint and by releasing it , it allows us to move more into awareness of the ascension and higher into the spiritual realm for me i write what i am going threw and feeling and try not to cause harm during that time .

    Its kinda like when i am sick and then tell my self i am not , but once i can admit i am sick then i can take the steps i need to get well ,but if i denie it i stay sick .Once i can deal with the sickness and get better then i can move forward to the next growing faze . Tooter

  • Haha the wheels are indeed in motion.... i was driving back home from work thinking of Tooter and his "pathfinders" guidance, and how could i and PH exchange e-mails for a closer co-operation. I feel a Master Wheel is set in motion by Higher Forces, we smaller wheels are attracted to it. Our actions are guided. I would appreciate any insight on this.

    Hey Tutor, poncho and lefty roflmao i don't even want to think about all the names MyJourney will come up with for us now....

  • Probably opened Pandora box on that one LOL

  • No problem then i get to post all kinds of stoopid pictures lol

  • Having a hard time with my connection this week off and on kinda like the old dial up it irritating when time is limited and yes poncho i opened my self up for that LOL

  • I don't know. These Libra North Nodes. Always prone to outbursts of anger...

    Thanks everyone for your wise words.

  • But if I write HAHA surely it is not a bad thing?? It is just laughing out loud. Not really bad etiquette.

    HAHA love your thread and glad you are getting so many reactions.


  • Oh, Nooooooooooo Marc aka People Handler,

    I sure hope You don't get offended when i write in captitals...Bad LEO, I am now ripping the capital button off my computer.

    love and light


  • WOW what a GREAT rant!

    Well im guilty for at times to have bumped my threads BUT i have also bumped many others threads also.

    Im right behind u regard the capital in thread subject line. I only use it to underline things.

    When i see them i too often avoid them unless it annoys me too much i remark to it n say listen this is yelling n sounds like an order to drop all u do to help u, which no many like. so instead of the ask for help u get no help, reconsider ur wordings n try again, mayb then u get the help u need. mind u here we do this for free, time energy goodwill is major assets to what we do. being loud n bossy ............. not the way to go.

    so yes darl im behind u in this


    ps any nickname 4 me ?? LOL

  • OK CW, i will look into my crystal ball, and see what i can come up with...Marcs was the hardest for me..but i do love "CAPPY" for you...still don't know how or why i came up with that one...I think I will have fun with yours lol...

  • angel hugs for all


    loving silver wings

  • Could it b that when im stubborn i dig in me cappy heels? LOL

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