Captain can you please do a compatability reading for me?

  • I met this pisces guy and i like him a lot. Im a pisces as well, and we have a lot of similarities. I have often heard that pisces/pisces relationships dont always work out, but hes such a cool guy so im wondering if this is something that has potential to go to relationship level or should we just stay friends? His bday is 3/20/79 and mine is 3/9/81.

    Any insight will be much appreciated. Thanks! 🙂

  • Your friend's birthdate is close to Aries so he will have some of the characteristics of that sign too. It means he favours direct confrontation and a go-for-it approach, but you will usually choose not to tackle him head-on. You have more subtle means to slow him down - by simply appearing to go about your business, you will seem mysteriously inviting and will gain your friend's attention and interest on your own terms. Your idiosyncrasies and weirdness will be no problem for him as he himself is very individualistic, but however he may be troubled and weighed down by his dark, desperate and negative moods. You may resent having to speed up your normally slow pace in response to your friend's impatience.

    There is a sort of light, unserious competition between you. Closeness is quite possible here, particularly in a friendship, as long as a natural tendency towards one-upmanship can be put aside from time to time, especially when one of you is demonstrating his or her artistic, spiritual, intellectual or political expertise. You two may look as if you are fighting like cats and dogs, but your confrontations are usually playful - albeit still quite competitive. On an emotional level, there is often communication on a common wavelength here, which can usually encompass an agreement to disagree.

    You are the more profound in thought and feeling Piscestam, and you may find complaint with what you see as glibness, impulsiveness or hastiness on your friend's part. Meanwhile he may criticize your directionlessness or laziness. Your friend can give you the acceptance you need, but unfortunately perhaps not the stability. Yet the unsettled nature of the relationship may work as a stimulating positive impulse. The chances that the relationship will flourish are good when it emerges in a domestic setting (such as sharing a house or apartment on a non-intimate level or being neighbours) that allows meetings at a deep emotional level. Here differences may be put aside in favour of a harmony that will benefit all concerned. If you two can seek peace and balance rather than arguments and dissatisfaction, all will be well in your relationship.

  • thanks for the insight! very helpful! i have an aries moon. does that have any bearing on the relationship?

  • Not any more than I have already said.

  • Hi me again. I need a little further insight into this guy. We've become intimate, and when we're together its really wonderful. Hes very affectionate and I really enjoy his company. But there is a little situation thats goin on that has me questioning if hes being honest with me. I made it very clear that even thought we dont have the title of "boyfriend or girlfriend" yet, that I would not be intimate with him, if he was going to be intimate with others besides me. He said he wouldnt. But im not too sure. Hes a big flirt and I know thats common with piseces men, but theres just something inside of me that says hes doin more than flirting when hes not with me. If so I will end the intimate part of our relationship. Am I just being a paranoid pisces? Is he being honest with me or is he a "playa"? any insight would be helpful

  • Your friend is very different on the inside to what he is on the outside. His outer facade may be one of competence and confidence, but inside he is very sensitive and passive. He likes to flirt to boost his ego and connect with others socially (if he didn't connect with others at all, he would turn into a self-indulgent shabby reclusive wreck), but he much prefers to be alone or with just a few close friends whom he trusts. Flirting is a romantic fantasy for him and one that is not likely to go further unless you drive him away with jealousy or possessiveness. He has a fear of being controlled by others so he may always seems a little aloof and independent. It was likely he did have several different partners and unfulfilling liasons when younger but, as he grows older, he will tend more towards monogamy, mainly because it's a strain for him to relate to people much of the time.

  • Thank you for your insight. You are always so helpful and your words are spot on!!! Ive never dealt with another pisces before in the romantic sense and even though pisces men and women are different, sometimes its like looking in a mirror. I also get the feeling that he likes me way more than he thought he would, and it scares him a little. Its almost like how little boys act "mean" to the girl they really like if that makes sense. Hes a huge flirt, and I also flirt from time to time, but I notice that when I do it, he gets a little bit of an attitude, even though he says he could care less, i just feel it. Right now im giving him a little space because im feeling like he's starting to do the whole "distance" thing. When I asked him why hes been acting a little funny, he said "its just precautionary measures". I dont even know what that means, but I just felt like maybe I should pull back just a little. Maybe I was giving him too much attention too soon? Am I right in feeling that?

  • He just needs time to see if you stay true to him. As sensitive as he is, he always has doubts about his own ability to keep a partner interested. His 'precautionary measures' are all about testing you to see if you still want to be with him even if he likes to go off on his own from time to time. As I said above, your friend likes his own company more than anyone else's. A romantic affair between two Pisces will always have quite a bit of fantasy to it, and distance can lend it some necessary objectivity to be able to see what is real and what isn't. Plus your passive natures make it hard for either of you to take the initiative to move a relationship forward.

  • thank you Captain. So how should I proceed from here? Just play it cool? I dont want to overdue it and be pushy as I have been guilty of doing in the past when the man started to distance himself.

  • Don't be cool to him because he might think you have lost interest. Just don't push him and be warm and friendly (but not overly) when he contacts you. Don't contact him first. Be there for him when he reaches out - otherwise get on with your life. He has to deal with his dark moods on his own - any obvious help from you would just make him feel like a weakling.

  • i found out that he was acting funny and saying he was doing "precautionary measures" because he wasnt sure if i was involved with some drama that was going on with some other girls i know, and that like him. long story...anyway he now knows that i wasnt involved in the drama. last week we had agreed to start fresh and throw any misunderstandings or disagreements on BOTH of our parts out the window. we met up this week and had a great time! later that evening he sent me a text saying "all jokes aside, i really had a good time. thank you, i needed that" i thought it was so sweet of him to do that. i replied "same here :-)" and then we starting teasing each other and joking around lol. i really like this guy and i hope everything works out. thank u so much for all ur excellent advice 🙂

  • UGH!!!! i have the craziest situation!!! the other night I got a random email from some girl who used a fake name and fake picture (on fb) accusing me of having an STD and spreading it around to people including trying to give it to my friend and just a bunch of CRAZY untrue accusations. i informed my friend of this and he informed me that he also got a message from this person saying that. he said he was determined to get to the bottom of what was going on. i know its just some jealous girl who does NOT like the fact that me and my friend are getting closer. at the end of the night he texted me and said he knows hes not the one with the "issue" and that he really doesnt believe I have an STD and that im going around spreading it to people, and he hopes to GOD that its all a lie. I told him to think about what makes sense and to think about what he knows about ME, not what some crazy girl who neither of us know her true identity told him. anyway im going to get tested just to prove to him that I dont have a stupid STD. he didnt ask me to get tested, but i know it will make him feel more comfortable to be sure, even though he says he believes me, i could still sense some doubt. things have been a little tense ever since then. i hope once i get my results and prove to him that ive been nothing but honest and straightforward with him since day one, things will improve. its just a weird drama filled unbelievable situation that ive never dealt with before. i hope we'll be able to get pass this. how should i proceed from here? im so confused and angry!

  • bump

  • What are you confused and angry about?

  • i was confused about how i should proceed and angry about the rumor that was spread and that it caused him to have doubt about me. a few days ago we had an argument. i told him i was no longer going to be intimate with him because i felt like he was playing games. he responded ok then. but then...i started regretting that part of my decision because it was basically impulsive. i was angry at the time, and i spoke before thinking. do i think hes unsure? yes. but playing games? maybe. so anyway, he still never stopped speaking to me. like texting me good morning and stuff..but then he would ignore me for the rest of the day. weird. so i tried reaching out to him to meet up and talk everything out, and he would be like "you said it was done so its done" but then the next day again he would speak to me. so today i tried again and he agreed. but he tried to act all tough about it and say "fine if u wanna talk we'll talk, i dont care when" so i was like "fine. we'll talk thursday" so we meet up thursday to talk. i know for myself as a pisces woman if i didnt want anything to do with a person, i wouldnt speak to them and definitely not meet up with them. but i dont know wut its like for a pisces man. does this mean we still have a chance?

  • Basically this guy doesn't understand or trust you - you have given him some reason for this, as you keep changing your mind all the time (it's on - it's off) so he does not know where he stands with you or what you really want. Make up your mind and stick to it or he will find someone who doesn't make him so confused. Be straight with him. Two Pisces together will never be able to make very firm decisions or be good at taking action. You two are more dreamers than doers. So don't expect this guy to take the initiative with your relationship. He would rather retreat into his own world when the going gets too tough for him.

  • thank you Captain. This gives me some insight into how i should handle our meeting tomorrow. I have accused him of being wishy washy, which he IS sometimes, but I havent really been addressing my OWN wishy washy-ness. I should apologize for my part in the "drama" and see what happens. I'll definitely be straight with him. Im actually really good at taking the initiative in our situation. i notice that even though he gives off this confident vibe when hes online talking, he so shy when we're together! i really like this guy, and im going to make sure he knows it.

  • Good luck to you! 🙂

  • now hes playing games. when before he agreed to talk, now hes saying to me that if we're moving on, then wut are we going to talk about? so i explained to him that there were some things i needed to explain, some things i needed to apologize for and some questions i had, and some things i needed to get off my chest. it was time for me to be real with HIM. so then i said are u still coming? and he said "maybe. now make ur decision." UGH!!!! i hope he doesnt stand me up, but if he does, then so be it. i know to be done with the situation.

  • Don't forget what I said in the reading. "You have more subtle means to slow him down - by simply appearing to go about your business, you will seem mysteriously inviting and will gain your friend's attention and interest on your own terms."

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