SIGNS, How Do We Know To Trust Them?

  • Hi

    we all have had signs of various kinds, repititive even. HOWEVER how are we to trust them?

    Ill start. Nomatter what i watch, being it a documentary, series, show, movie, news whichever it always comes to FIREFIGHTING RELATED.

    Now Charlie is a retired fireman, n a very silent busy working man. At times like now i feel GGRRRRRR bc i hate to wait n i SOOOOO miss talking to him. Ive contemplated to juss move on, then AGAIN as i set on tv the first channel n it has a movie. within first 2 minutes the word firefighter is said. i cant catch a break.

    so i wonder is this a SIGN n SIGNS on i oughta stick to Charlie or is it some cruel joke?

    So if ANy knows how to interpret these signs plz reply thanx. N if any of u have puzzling signs post n mayb together we can figure these puzzling signs out.,


  • hey CWB I am believer in signs and when I open your post right next to it was an ad to become a firefighter!!!! Wow give it time charlie how long has been retired? but remember to keep your own interests

  • Oh been years, he retired due to an injury, he is now n has for some years now owned a rental condo business plus more.

    is juss uhh silence i hate it lol

  • CWB my first take was the signs are just the Universe telling you where your focus is. But of course I

    could be off.

  • mind carve it out for me pfree? im gonna play slow of comprehension here lol

  • CWB,

    I do agree with Pfree.

    The universe is telling you where your focus is. Remember we attract what we think about and feel the most.

    You could take many things from this.

    I do feel that you have to go with your gut feeling and act on it, that's the only way we will ever know.

    Wishing you the best.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Since when do i have control of what the various tv station send at any odd given hour of the day? thats a puzzler guys

  • CWB,

    It's the intention and feelings you put out. It's saying that everything has a vibration.

    The Universe is sending the signal, the signs.

    While puzzling at times, we don't have to always understand why things happen. We just need to understand we are attracting what is resonating the most with us, that includes are fears and dreams.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Ok so do i interpret them as if it hadnt been 4 a firemans tvseries i´d not know the guys? or bc one of em was used to b a fireman? its kinda muddled here 4 me. thanx

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