Please help me !!!!

  • How can this cancer man tell me he loves me he wants to be in his life he really likes me im beautiful and he thinks I would make a good housewife ........but as soon as i piss him off hes gone wtfffff does that mean everything he said was a lie ???Does he not care how deep in love with him i am im so scared on one of his dissapearing acts he will meet a woman and leave me for good how could he say all those things and just leave me I would never do that to someone and im a gemini wtfffffffffff right now hes gone he hates that when i go out i meet guys then when i get around him if my phone rings or i answer for a guy he gets so mad that he backs off from me wtfffffff he NEVER SAID WE WERE EXCLUSIVEEEEEE ughhh he frustrates me but I really love him and dont want to ever lose him or let another woman get him tearsssss please help me understand how a cancer man can be so cruel

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  • @ Mardepp because he has asked me twice on different occassions to be with him exclusively and i turned him down both times because i want him to ask me when i want hi to not when he feels like it smh but i guess i still stay because I love him and he says he loves me smh sounds so silly I know 😞

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