• Hi all,

    I was just wondering how others depict that an affair is taking place in their readings , I would really appreciate anyones insight .

    Many Thanks in advance Love and light Loap:)

  • Ugh u fooled me HAHAAHAHAHAH

    Ahm well im always at it seems shown 2 paths, an easy one n a tough one. I lay down both n advice which i sense n which guides says is the best one. Often the asking party is too set in rut in which im often guided to retreat as guides has said n will say, its a lesson he she has to learn, they chose so bow out now.

    Its hard to predict anything that will happen as these issues r how do u say connected based on the peope involved n their free will.

    yes we can predict it will go so n so but in end its the ones involved that chooses. we cant say yes he will fall madly in love with u n marry u n knock u up n yes u will get that mansion yacht n haute couture clothes doesnt work that way.

    Im careful bc i dont want any to b hurt. So does my guides whom i work with.

    when it comes to love, many forget that both genders fear the same, rejection. Emotions are the exact same. many just tends to forget it bc they r all ants jitters in shorts scared.

    all rest i guess is intuition based i guess. dunno

    cwb who was pleasantly fooled bc she thought heeeyyyyy free love read hahahaahahahahaha oh my word hahaahahahahaahaha

  • Oh sorry CWB i didnt realise that it would come across as if i was giving readings now i can see why you thought that i just wanted to see what other peoples interpretations are, the cards that let me know when one is taking place are

    The Devil

    3 of cups

    The lovers

    Once again im very sorry for the confusion

    Love and Light Loap:)

  • Hi LoaP,

    The Devil, of course. But I also find that the Knight of Wands turns up a lot when promiscuity is a factor. Also, when the 4 of Wands turns up as the "other person" in the relationship that can be a red flag that they are already involved with someone else - set up house and even married. Also, the 8 of Wands when coupled with one of the other cards - like the Devil - is also an indication of an affair. Any of the "3" cards when in a spread as a situation or a challenge and these other affair/promiscuity cards turn up can indicate that there are 3 people involved.



  • Thanks WG ,

    I hope all is well i really appreaciate your insight to put a tarot jim trying ournal together of all the information i am gathering this is a great help .

    Love and light Loap:)

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