Cancer sun/Sagittarius moon woman & Leo sun/Cancer moon man

  • I met this man online, i've known him for 7 months now. I finally met him 2 months ago, i flew to see him (he lives in another country). We have had an awesome relationship, he is the sweetest, kindest, most generous man i've ever met. And to make it even better he is gorgeous! (totally my type). He came on very strong, told me he fell in love with me the first week. We talk for hours a day, webcam, telephone, im's etc. We get into our arguments and sometimes he wont talk to me for days. He says its his pride. And also he is Very stubborn. He says that he wants to marry me, move here and have a family. But there is one problem, I never talk to him on the weekends. He says that he is with his kids. But when i am with my kids i would never not spend time with him. I don't think he has told them about me yet. Anyway, his ex-fiance has been trying to get back together with him for over a year now. Recently she said she wants to come to see him and talk face to face. He said that he told her there is no reason why they should see each other. But what bothers me is that for the first few months after talking to him, he would mention her name alot. I took that as he wasn't over her yet. But he insists that he is. And that he loves me and cannot live without me. I just can't trust him 100%. Am I over reacting? I need advice! HELP.

  • I would remain haven't known him long and you're still at the "honeymoon" stage. I would interpret his mentioning his ex to you as a sign that he wishes to be open with you....if it gets too annoying I would namedrop back to him, just enough to get the hint! I'm married to a Leo husband was talking about our future quite early on too. The trust issue will come took a long time for me to trust my hubby 100% ... his ex used to flirt outrageously in front of us if we were at mutual parties....still does and its been years now ... but he took no notice and I've stopped being wound up by her. Unfortunately, he will have contact with his children's mother up until they're 18 at least....and you need to tell your brain that any contact with his ex would concern the welfare of his children only. I would tell him that you're upset about not having contact with him over the weekends....he should make time if he's being serious....children are not an excuse...they do go to bed (eventually!) and a few late night calls/ texts are just as exciting romance wise !!! Tread carefully and use your gut instinct! Best wishes

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