Aries Female Taurus Man

  • Hows our computability?.

  • Specific birthdates would be helpful unless you want a more general reading.

  • Aries 16/04/72 Taurus 6/05/65


  • The basis for this relationship can be an intense interest in social equality, supported by fine ideals and high ethical standards. Both of you have strong feelings of responsibility toward your fellow human beings, and are fair and responsive in your daily interactions with others. Both of you dislike discrimination in any form. Your relationship then will often assume a role as protector of the weak and poor. Philanthropic or socially concerned organizations will benefit from the efforts of your combination, which may also prove an excellent matchup for heading up a business or social group.

    A friendship will work well here, with relatively few problems. But it doesn't necessarily follow that romantic or sexual feelings between you will develop into a love affair. Both of you are most passionately drawn to people very different from yourselves - particularly people who are disadvantaged, unsuaual, or exotic, or from widely divergent racial, social or national backgrounds. However, if your relationship can make it into and past a love affair, marriage between you can be an excellent proposition as long as the two of you don't feel that you are compromising your lofty ideals. You may well have children who will grow up in an environment of tolerance and high standards, but both of you as parents must be careful not to inflict your principles too strictly on your offspring, who may become frustrated and rebellious unless they feel free to make their own choices. In your concerns for people outside the family, moreover, you must take care not to neglect your own children's emotional needs.

  • Thank you Captain.

    T hats very much right, We hit off as soon as we got talking, and when we met it wasn't like meeting a stranger, just no awkwardness at all just clicked, we get on well as friends, and theres great chemistry between us.

    I do have strong feelings for him, and i think he has the same, just unsure if its more than a very close friends ship. who knows .

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