Karma/Karmic Debt

  • Here we are again discussing the last of the Karmic Debt numbers. I saved the 19 for last, because it is the trickiest.

    Depending on what sort of Numerology you believe in, the 19 is either very auspicious or is asking you to acknowledge and pay back your debt.

    Pythagorean Numerology says that it is a karmic debt, and wherever seen one should caution and tread lightly in dealings.

    Chaldean Numerology calls this the “Prince of Heaven.” The Chaldeans believe that the native who bears this number or experiences a cycle will reap all the rewards of love, success, and material possessions.

    For this reason in my numeric opinion, one has to caution and use great care when experiencing a 19 cycle, or has a 19 in their chart.

    The 19 signifies the abuse of power and wisdom. The 19 is self centered, blind to selflessness, and attracted to which only fulfills its own selfish desires.

    The lesson here is learning to stand on your own, and the proper use of power.

    Often enough, when one has these numbers in their charts or are going through a cycle, they may experience the following negative traits: selfishness, intimidation, egotism, laziness, and aggression.

    The Chaldeans considered the 9 the number of God, and that is why no letter is assigned the numeric value of 9.

    So the 9 in the 19, symbolizes attainment of spiritual knowledge and serenity. In a past life the individual had the power of a higher cosmic consciousness, and even with having this higher power, they disregarded it, and chose to participate in selfish/abusive pursuits of power.

    Thus resulting in karmic and universal consequences.

    I have seen people experience both sides of this number. For some it is destructive, and has humbled them. Others it brings them all that they desire.

    In the end it will be safe to say this number is “karmic”, “rewarding” those for using it’s power for good, and “punishing” those who use it for selfish purposes.

    If you have the 19 anywhere in your chart or are going to go through a 19 cycle, be aware of how you are treating people, and be aware of how you are treating yourself.

    The 19 not only has the power to destroy, but also the power to bring happiness and prosperity.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Markie!!!!! This is true! I have this number!

    It's kind of scary how it all works....Sometimes I wonder why I act the way I do, am spiritual, but still do selfish things sometimes. Thank you for your advice, hopefully one day I can return the favor!


  • Born2Love,

    No problem.

    I post for everyone to learn, and hopefully make the correct choices.

    If you adhere to the energy and asking of the numbers, you can always turn things in your favor.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hello Markie,

    What do you mean my your statement above, "If you adhere to the energy and asking of the numbers, you can always turn things in your favor." ????

    How does one do this? For example my oldest daughter's birth day is the 14th; how to advise her toward counter-acting the 'energy' of this number for her good??

    Thank you,


  • TT,

    The 14 is asking the native to demonstrate "good judgment" and "self control".

    If the person can adhere to the energy of the vibration, they can do wonders.

    See with the number 14 temptation is always lurking, if one is cautious, and analyzes the situation instead of "looking before you leap." They can turn things in their favor.

    Unfortunately most of the people demonstrate some of the negative traits of the 14 sometime in their life. However, if they can recognize it, make the change, they can do fairly well.

    Hope this helps!

    Create A Great Day!


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  • Hi Markie,

    I was wondering what my Karmic Debt number is and what you could tell me about what that number signifies please? My DOB is 29/07/1984, 8.55am.

    Thank you.

    Love and Light


  • Hi SS!

    It's good that you haven't succumbed to the negative side of the 14/5.

    Looking at your chart though it makes sense.

    You have a life number of 4, soul number 4, personality 7, and destiny 11.

    Double 4 energy does make you more rigid, and you do value "stability". So the 4 is totally opposite from the 5. The 5 likes freedom and wants to "play." The 4 has discipline, restrictions, a routine, and is more often than not a "hard worker." Whenever anyone has a 4 in their chart they do want more than anything a stable financial future, and a strong foundation to build upon.

    Personality 7 usually indicates a more quiet individual, not really the first to initiate conversation. It does however give off the "astute" persona, and intellectual attitude.

    The destiny number 11 says that the path you must walk is spiritual above all else, and you must work towards the betterment of humanity. The 11 usually has a message to share, and is here to "illuminate" the world. Since the 11 is a derivative of the number 2, it will be emotional, and will sometimes suffer from inner turmoil. There will be feelings of "insecurity" or feeling "not good enough." Thus the 11 must prevail, find it's light within itself and share it with the world.

    Anything else let me know.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hi LeoLou!

    Good news is that in your "birth" chart you have no karmic debt numbers that I see.

    Some people have to live with it with their whole lives as in having it in their "birth" chart or "name" chart.

    For others its transitory, as in the particular cycle they are going through is a karmic debt number vibration.

    As far as I see there is no karmic debts for you to worry about.

    Although, throughout your life you will have "sudden" situations arise, and "sudden" separations happen in both your relationships and friendships.

    Right now though you have a lot of spiritual type of numeric energy that is influencing you. So learning about yourself and tapping into your inner "voice" will serve you well in the coming years.

    You will be tested in your "faith" and it may get a little bumpy, but your strong (physically and mentally) and will get through it.

    Any other questions let me know.

    Create A Great Day!


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  • Wow thanks Markie, its great to know I have no karmic debt numbers. I have had sudden situations arise, and "sudden" separations happen in my relationships and friendships already, which has been devastating, but I guess I am strong! It is interesting to know that I am going though a lot of spiritual type of numeric energy that is influencing me at the moment, so I will do my best to learn more about myself and find my inner voice. I hope in the future I can hold on to my faith firmly, with both hands. I am thankful for your time.

    Love and Light

  • Hi Markie, all this is quite amazing ! I have certain repeating patterns in my life, and I was wondering whether this could have anything to do with karma. My birthday is 30.03.1966. Is there any karmic numbers in it ? Thank you in advance.

  • Sorry, the American way of writing it would be 03.30.1966

  • Hi, Markie I am l ately worried on my financial stability and I lately can't commit in full to my personal responsibility. I can tell that I know how to used and save money but lately I had so much. planned and and committed on my mortgage do you think I can make away to make things back from where I am before but I know that its a bit different cos I had my monthly obligation aside from my every day living .My birthday is feb.16,75 and I am leaving away to my family .I hope you can give me guidance thank you so much and more blessings and be safe always.

  • Hi Markie,

    Can you tell me what you see with my karmic debt and husband's?

    Karen-dob: 3/17/58 Husband-Ron-dob: 7/31/59.

    Thanks so very much!


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi VoplySupply!

    Taking a quick look at your day of birth, you actually don't have any karmic debt.

    Good news 🙂

    The only thing that I see is that you are starting a new long range cycle. The next 9 years you'll have to keep an extra eye on your money, count every dollar, watch your health (heart, blood, lungs) physical health more than mental, and you'll have an even immense more responsibility when pertaining to your family/professional life.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Annielan,

    Ages 32-41 are asking you not to be so frivolous with your money. The energy of this long range cycle makes you more "compulsive" and has you being somewhat of an "emotional" spender. You need to guard against this.

    By nature you are a saver, and should know the value of a dollar. However because of the influence of the cycle it may make you take more risks than usual, be aware of this, and always "think things through." Always weigh your options. Be logical rather than emotional when it comes to your finances.

    I believe I responded to you sometime ago, it was about your relationship situation. I do remember telling you though that because of your cycle, you may find yourself at the top of the world one minute, and the next struggling. Good judgment is always important for you, you have to pay attention and always carefully weigh your options.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hi Lifer!

    Good News!

    You have no karmic debt numbers in your date of birth.

    Your husband has no karmic debt numbers in his date of birth.

    Any other questions let me know.

    Create A Great Day!


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