Help! Anxiety tips?

  • Hello all,

    I am a 25 year old Pisces male, and I suffer from infuriating anxiety attacks. Is there any advice I can get on how to deal with these, or get over them? I am in counseling and on medication, but I guess I am looking to see if there is something more I can do. Thanks!

  • Queen of anxiety attacks here. i sympathize but you can get them under control.

    I started getting panic attacks in my late 20's. They'd come on for NO reason. I'd be thinking..."stop this now! You are not being threatened or in any danger." The more I told myself to calm down the worse they got. I completely understand your feelings. It is terrible when they come on.

    I found yoga, visualisation and deep breathing to be very helpful and would recommend that if you are not already doing so. Some people even recommend hypnotherapy (i've never tried this). Also, I know this is not going to be agreed with by everyone BUT medication does help me a lot when in the middle of an anxiety attack. Sometimes just knowing that I have something to take in case I get an "episode" helps. I tried therapy for years and while I completely understood the problem and how unreasonable the anxiety was.... once the cycle of racing thoughts, pounding heart, breathlessness etc. started, I simply could not stop. Anti anxiety medication has been a godsend for me. If anything, the counseling helped me to realize that I wasn't crazy but I don't know if the strategies I learned there actually helped once an attack started. For a long time I didn't understand what in the heck was going on. Now, I know and feel better equipped to deal with it.

    So..... for me..... deep breathing, yoga, meditation, athletics, talking it out with a trusted friend and therapy helped. Also, I started forcing myself to do things that I knew might scare me. I know that sounds odd but it was empowering after a while to go to "scary" events even though I was anxious. I didn't want t miss out on life because of anxiety and fear and ended up doing things that most people would never in a million years try. I almost over compensated. Lots of famous celebrities have horrible anxiety just so you know. I read that Johnny Carson was terrified before every show and I've read this about other more current celebs too.

    Finally, I commend you for seeking healthy support. Many people have anxiety without realizing what it is and "self medicate" with alcohol, pain killers, nicotine, food, shopping, turning angry and taking their anxiety out on others, cutting name it.

    Good luck. You'll get this under control. You're young and aware of what is happening. Acknowledging and accepting the challenge is one the most important parts in my opinion.

    Hope that helped somewhat.

    Take care

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