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  • Hey SH,

    I was hoping you could share some insight on North node astrology please? As I understand it, your North node is the embodiment of the person you are meant to be in this life. A challenge as it were, to improve your life in the areas governed by your North node's star sign.

    This is usually a difficult challenge as it is the polar opposite of the person you are or were in your previous life. Is this right?

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  • Hey PH, MyJourneyyyyyyyy lol another thread to post silly pictures rofl! Seriously now, yes the North Node represents our "goal" so to speak, every person's challenge. The closer we get to our "North" qualities the more fulfilled is our life. We start from the "south" the lower point, striving to ascend. Achieving that means we fight and finally triumph over our internal darkness, which of course is by no means easy dammit ! Just recently i found out the hard way i have a lot to "kill" inside me to even start ascending, my friend. You see darkness is devious, it hides itself behind excuses it blinds us makes us look anywhere else (eg accusing others) to keep us distracted so we never look at IT. What are it's weapons and tactics? Google "Ego Defence Mechanisms" and see for yourself my friend. But you know, the most important moment in a person's life is the one that person understands his/her eyes are closed. Only then we have a chance of opaning them....

    You'll have to wait till Sunday when i get my hands on 2 books i ordered about evolutionary astrology, our soul's path through the numerous reincarnations. I discovered there's a school of this branch of astrology in Vancouver ! Hey Sis, i'm considering to move there already!!

  • Regarding the North and South Nodes in your natal chart…

    You didn’t ask, but the South Node depicts an aspect of your character that has been overemphasized in past lives, and thus tends to take over the personality in this lifetime and throw you off balance. When you are acting without awareness, you tend to “act out” the South Node position in response to your environment because you have been accustomed to that approach working to your advantage. However, in this lifetime, approaching situations from the stance shown by your South Node position will no longer work for you.

    The North Node should be interpreted both from the sign and the house in which it falls in your chart.

    The sign in which the North Node falls denotes the psychological shift that needs to occur within the personality.

    The house containing the North Node shows the experiences that allow the person to access this new psychological awareness. The house position indicates the arena in which the life lessons of the North Node are learned.

    For example, if your North Node is in Cancer in the 11th house, you are learning to get in touch with and communicate your feelings (Cancer) through cultivating the energy of friendship and learning to “go with the flow” (11th house); if your North Node is in Aries in the 4th house, through getting in touch with your gut instincts (4th house) you can discover and communicate who you are (Aries).

    If the sign of your North Node is in the same sign as the house containing your North Node (for example, North Node in Gemini located in the 3rd house), it simply means double the intensity of the same life lesson.

    If you provide your Node sign and house locations in your birth chart I can give you an overview of your personality, needs, relationships and goals in this lifetime.

  • You see PH, there are really knowledgable people in this forum to ask the serious questions, after all my real specialty is "He who posts silly pictures making stoopid jokes ALL the time" roflmao.

    Many thanks for your knowledge and insight Watergirl i'll google for a freebie natal chart and be back asap !

  • Well either i am a complete idiot (why are you laughing MyJourney lol) or no one provides such information for free ! I know my North Node is in Taurus and South in Scorpio have no idea which house it's in. I have a freebie Natal Chart but don't know how to determine the House....

  • Give me your birthdate, time and location and I will figure it out for you...

  • 27 February 1966 06.15 in the afternoon Athens, Greece thank you very much Watergirl !

    Hey if am to become the freakin' Anticryst i don't want to know anything about it rofl

  • Hi there all,

    Thanks to Seehorse who got me going on The North/South Nodes, this topic is so fascinating and one which has my full attention.

    I am also a Taurus North Node/ Scorpio South Node.

    Watergirl, would it be possible for you to figure out my houses, I don't know how this works.

    let me know if you can do this for me.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Rapid city ?

  • Hmmmmmm....this sounds VERY Interesting!

    May I also ask about my South and North Nodes as well please?

    D.O.B. April 21,1973; Manhattan, New York ..2:05 A.M.

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • Rofl PH, that was said by a total idiot who's also too lazy to perform a decent google search (and of course i visited the website you mentioned and STILL don't get it lol i'm hopeless)

  • LOL you are hopeless. At the bottom of that page, fill out the form. You'll have to find the symbol for North Node and hover your mouse over to get the details.

  • I already had done that just didn't know NorthNode symbol roflmao and the minute i saw all this thingees my head started to hurt and i switched to another spiritual site.....japanese spiritualism you know what i'm talking about lol

  • ROTFLMAO, see what you have created Marc haha...

    water girl aka poo poo, so good to see you out and about...

    Seehorsey aka Pedro,leave it alone lol

    love and light


  • lol SH. It's a grey symbol. Looks like a pair of earphones to me 🙂

    Sheila, do you have AKA's for everyone? lol

  • True North Node 28 52' Taurus in House IX Yipeeee i finally got it thanks PH !! Now what does that mean ?!

    Watergirl : You are like, totally doomed sorry

    SH : oh sh....

  • LOLLOLLOL Seehorse NOW THAT Cartoon is Funny 🙂

  • Oh man, 9th House? Seriously? I'd give up now mate. Go back to bed. A Firehorse with North node in the 9th house, sheesh! I don't envy you!


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