The Captain I need YOUR ADVICE

  • Well I'll start off by saying today's my first day on here; and i've read a few topics and I have seen your advice all oer them[lol] you give AWSOME ADVICE. I have some issues in the love area, and i'm seeking your blunt advice.

    -I'm a taurus female

    -I'm single

    -i'm 19[i've only had three i dont want to say offical boyfriends/no relationship lasted longer than a month basically]

    -My mind and otter appearenced do not match [most people see me as the happy go lucky/the girl who would have a problem getting a guy]

    -It seems like the guys im attracted to are either not into me or they feel offened by me [ i will say i'm into the more rocker skater type of guys that have bad attitudes because people see them as outsiders]

    -I will say i expect a lot from a guy, but i'm not sure on how to open myself up to him

    -This year I want A AWSOME BOYFRIEND a real relationship; I just need to know how to go about doing things in order to find and keep a good guy!!

    I hope to hear from you:))

  • I need a photo or your birthdate to tune into your vibes.

  • 05/16/92

  • You are highly empathic, even psychic and intuitive. But your tendency to get depressed may be keeping you from attracting positive people into your life, because we attract what we give out. Fears of being abandoned and a problem with expressing your feelings appropriately must also be dealt with. Emotions are messy and chaotic and you have trouble really cutting loose and getting wild and passionate. When emotions are held back, so are relationships. You have great psychological and emotional depth of spirit, so it may be hard for others to understand you. Keeping your turbulent feelings under control can be a full-time job. But you need intimacy in order to feel safe enough to reveal who you really are. In love, your sexual experiences can be deeply transformative and a close, discerning and empathic partner is crucial for you. But fidelity is not necessarily your forte and you may have many partners over your lifetime. Finding the right outlet for your romantic and imaginative energies will be crucial as will the ability to cope with the unique pressures presented by your tendency to attract throngs of willing admirers and supporters. You tend to 'disappear' on loved ones frequently, to either go within or outward to your adoring fans. Be careful you don't develop love or sex dependencies because you love the magic of love and are convinced that every new person is 'the one'.

    You will either choose to retreat from the world to be alone with your thoughts and attune yourself to some higher form of energy, or else you will find yourself literally thrust into the spotlight in order to better spread your message abroad. You must make sure you spend enough time in nature replenishing the wellsprings of your creativity, and allowing yourself access to the sense of personal freedom from which you draw your strength. Doing so will ensure you can express yourself freely and thus do very well on this lifepath.

  • Wow I totally can relate to many of the things you had in reponse; I thank you for your insight you gave me so much feed back I'll have to read it over a few more times to get the total gest of it. I know I have many areas in my life to improve before I could ever be called someones girlfriend or even wife. Growing up I have been around very strong relationships; and I have many of times fantasied about myself one day having the same. Even I know at the age of 19 looking for a serious relationship is not the brightist ideal, but I can't help but think if the guy isn't going to be long term why 'waste time" on him. That thought comes from my overly mature mind set I have, I don't want to be reckless and careless but I do need to work more on being a 19 yr old young person.

  • Don't choose a particular path to follow just because everyone else is following the same path and you want to fit in or because your family or friends urge you to. You have to choose what's right for you, even if it is a different way - otherwise you willl always be living for others and never for yourself, and never being happy.

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