Bad Karma for almost 2 years

  • Hi all - I was told, and I feel this is true, that sometime a couple years ago - in late 2008, I opened a door to some bad karma and one bad situation after another has developed. Through a lot of hard work some things have been resolved, but just when things start to improve, another

    mess occurs. I am wodering if anyone can help me with this either through astrology, a tarot reading or intuition as to when things will turn around. Positive thinking and meditation seems to backfire on me. It's as if I have p----d God off really bad and he is punishing me for it. But I don't know what i could possibly have done to deserve. I know - I know - it is a test - but after a while - enough testing --- enough lessons. I work very hard to try to keep everything together at work and at home and try to be a good person. What really gets me also is when I try really hard to be nice and for some reason, even that backfires on me. What's going on here? thanks!!!!

  • I can try to provide some insight if you give me your birthdate, time and location please.

  • Hi - sorry - I spaced. My bd etc is March 14, 1958 4:21 AM Lubbock Texas. THis has been the weirdest last 3 years of my life since 1987 thru 1989. Things were pretty good for me from 1990 thr about 1998 or 1999 but starting in 2006 things started to slide a bit but in 3009 its like what I do to try to cope, change deal, think positive, meditate etc. the s...t always gets thrown back at me.

    SOmething good happened yesterday -I spent 20 dollars taking things to the dump. The truck next to me was throwing out camping equipment, amongst the items was a fairly new self inflatable backpacking pad which I really needed for my upcoming trip. I was going to use my husband's but this one is nicer. So it's weird. Sometimes good things do happen in rather odd ways. But its the really big things that get to me - my job, my social life, my teenage daughter, the things my developmentally delayed daughter needs. I work so hard to try to do the right thing and go out of my way to be nice to people and it just seems to backfire a lot.


  • Turtledust,

    Sometimes it's interesting how things go according to our cycles.

    The problem that most of us have is adjusting to the new energy that is coming in.

    From 32-41 years of age you were in a period where you could exercise your independence, were probably doing well financially. Relationships were probably good too, this may have been a time where you met someone that you really connected with and married. Interestingly enough, there were always people that were attracted to you in some capacity. Things really flowed in this period.

    41-50 were good, but not as the previous years. You probably had a lot of things that you needed to let go, or were taken from you. It kind of went away in a blink of an eye. People came and went, jobs, health, school, etc. Someone may have been ill, and you needed to sacrifice your own needs for another. That is part of the lesson for this period. During this time you may have learned what to really value in your life, and what was important, and what was not. Lots of up's and downs and various mood swings during this period.

    Now it is interesting that you mention karma. From the age of 50 until the end of your life, your life is ruled by "karma." Karma is not only what we do to others, it's also how we treat ourselves. If you look back on the last 20 years of your life, and you can say wholeheartedly you were good, then Karma will always be the result of how you treated yourself. Not only is it ruled by Karma, the lessons of the period have to do with "money." Money management.

    2011 will be trying for you, in the sense you feel the pressure of needing security, and your health. However, look for blessings in disguise, because this year can be good to you if you let it. From now until November 2011, the numbers suggest that you may have some serendipity comings your way.

    Wishing you prosperity and most of all happiness!

    Create A Great Day!


  • HI Markie - wow - well what you said about those time periods were pretty true. Especially from age 41 to 50. My littlest girl was born in 2001 and had a lot of health issues and still needs special education and care. I had to expend a lot of energy to her and alwso to her older sister. But I was lucky because I was in control of my job. Now - I am not longer in control of my job or anything, it seems. I cannot plan. I cannot seem to "get caught up" much less get ahead. I am just tired of everything backfiring.

  • Hi Turtledust,

    I have some information for you based on your prenatal solar and lunar eclipses...

    The prenatal solar eclipse represents the lessons you have come to teach your fellow beings…your responsibility to share. By freely sharing your gift, you ease the burden of your own lessons.

    Your prenatal solar eclipse was in Libra...

    The aspect of the collective higher consciousness that you have to offer your fellow beings…the gift the Universe gave you so you could teach others is balance and harmony. You have an ability to teach the subtleties of developing balance and harmony in people’s lives. You have an intuitive sense of what is fair in all areas of life, especially in the area of relationships, and you have come into this existence to teach others how to share. Thus, you will draw to you people who are either selfish, overly independent, or extremely childlike. You can meet with great resistance as you teach these people the give and take of life. The balance in any one-on-one relationship is a very fine line between giving and receiving, and the majority of those with whom you come in contact are excessively attached to one or the other. However, remember that you have an innate need never to settle for less than half or to give more than half. As you teach this lesson you must keep your sense of fairness in balance, for if you become unbalanced, you can end up teaching the lesson through your own misuse of the sharing energies. By teaching the interdependency of relationships you show others the value of relating and the value of keeping their own identity. If we become overly dependent on a relationship and do not involve ourselves in learning and growing on our own, we have nothing to bring to the relationship and thereby have ended the sharing process. You incarnated with this awareness and are sharing it with others.

    The prenatal lunar eclipse represents the lessons you need to learn in order to continue your soul growth (karma).

    Your prenatal lunar eclipse was in Taurus...

    Your “karma” is what you need to continue the growth of your soul…those qualities you need to integrate for personal balance – the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime. This is a personal destiny: It is the lesson that your soul wants to integrate into its evolutionary pattern. The level of awareness the soul has when entering this plane will determine whether it will seek its life lessons with compassion and understanding or with resentment. In this incarnation, your soul is learning to emotionally embrace and develop a proper prosperity consciousness. You are coming from a previous existence that was extremely spiritual but materially poverty-stricken. You may have taken vows of poverty in past lifetimes in order to focus your energy fully on your spiritual development. Thus, you came into this incarnation with the false idea that money and spirituality are never to blend. You studied a great deal on the spiritual level, and exposure to those who misused resources taught you to distrust anyone who had money. Consequently, during this existence you may tend to self-destruct where finances are concerned. You are here to learn that money can have spiritual power. Part of your lesson is to learn that money is not a negative; money is simply another aspect of life that needs to be mastered. You have mastered how to have nothing and still keep a proper spiritual consciousness. In this lifetime it is your turn to learn how to have – that it is all right to have. The universe is concerned only with how you acquire what you have and what you do with it. Your job is to learn to manifest the abundance of the universe and feel free to have and enjoy the comforts of life. In this learning process you are seeking a point of equilibrium from which you do not misuse others and yet do not cheat yourself by giving everything away. You are learning to develop a proper spiritual prosperity consciousness be recognizing the value in everything and everyone, including yourself. You have entered into this existence with an extremely low sense of self-esteem. You are learning to build up your feelings of self-worth and to feel better about yourself. It is very important for you to validate yourself and to accept recognition from others.

    When you resist the lessons you have chosen to learn in this lifetime, you will find that the body communicates to you through the senses. The ears, neck and throat (including the thyroid) areas should be watched most closely when your prosperity consciousness is out of balance, since these are the areas that communicate when your value system needs alignment. By watching these areas for early symptoms you can avoid many obstacles in your life.

    Hope this provides some insight and thereby helps you in some way,


  • Hi Watergirl - thank you for all your time. So I am wondering - sometimes I get earaches or "almost ear aches - when I feel like my tonsils are so swollen they could be in my ears. Or sometimes my throat feels sore but does not develope into a full blown sore throat. So I am thinking that these are signs of "stress" - my value system is being stressed. Recently a friend of mine "ticked" me off. I had asked him a question about some things and he responded with a poem that I found hurtful. Perhaps he did not mean it that way but it referred to "laying back on my plush pillows and discovering who I was" going out and seeking a guru

    and finding out what it was like not to return to my "snug" sheets. WHat ticked me off is that the poem suggested that I was materialistic and needed to get out and seek some spiritual growth. What ticked me off is that I have 4 degrees. I have worked my lifetime to get to where I am, scrounging through flea markets and garage sales to look for nice things (no department store shopping), fixing my own things, finding good deals, etc. I felt like I deserved my nice pillows. This came from a middle aged person, just a few years younger than myself who has not finished his degree, who has had to declare bankruptcy and whose house is in foreclosure. From my standpoint - it is they who need to get their .... together - rather than myself. I let this get to me and I started to get this sore throat "earache" syndrome. So I think you are onto something here. I greatly appreciate your efforts.

    Now if anyone can tell me when I can expect all this to turn around I would be most appreciative. I am so tired. If just something would go right for me and stay right for more than like - the blink of an eye. thanks!!

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