Will my Pisces Husband come back.....

  • My pisces husband who i have been with for 10 yrs, has left me about 2 months ago. He has cheated on me in the past, i found out and he promised he would never do it again. After he left me i found out he was seeing aother woman. I am a libra woman.....him and i had a beautiful spirtual relationshp.....but then it turned into fighting all the time. WHat had use to be important to both of us, now wasnt important to him. I could see that i was losing him..........SO i tried to do everything to make him happy again....but it was to late.

    We still talk, about how much he wishes i would have changed before he had these negative feelings for me. Says he wishes he could come home.......but he cant get over the past! He will call me all day while at work, but then when he gets off.....i dont hear from him anymore. He rarley comes over on the weekends......I asked him to go to counsling with me, and to start dating each other again........and he refuses. But then wants to spend alone time with me later that weekend.

    He says i am the only person that gets him so angry.......He says he will love me forever.

    I feel like when i start distancing myself from him....he pulls me back....then he just leaves me hanging again...alone.

    I love him.....and i dont want to lose him! But since he has left....he isnt a father to our children...he is dark.....and he is only thinking about himself.

    How can i get my Pisces man to see that i will always be the only one for him? Does he want me to pull him back in or is he just playing games?

  • They're not games. He is scared. Scared of this magnetic attraction that many Pisceans and Librans experience. Yours is a difficult relationship, but it is far from impossible. If that were true you wouldn't have been married for ten years.

    Now, as to what to do. That is a difficult one. You are prepared to do all the work you need to, but he isn't at this time. The two of you need counselling. He in particular needs to understand and come to terms with the parts of you that currently anger him. And I daresay there are things about him that you don't like either.

    The two of you have a bond. You feel it, he has said as much (he will love you forever). Distance yourself from him. When he pulls you back, stop him in his tracks and tell him it's a no go unless he's sincerely willing to work on it. At first it won't work. So distance yourself again. I think he may be stubborn, but you have to stay strong otherwise you are going to keep going around in circles.

    He has to change his attitude if you are both to move forward together. I'm sorry that this is not going to be an easy time for you, but just believe in yourself, that you are worth it.

    Much love & light to you,


  • Love it.....thank you!!

  • But will he come back to me, and will all this pass?

  • Hi - I do believe that he will "love you forever" but I believe he may be on a path of swimming in the "dark side" as you say. Until he is swimming in the opposite direction you are in a difficult position and he will have to decide to swim in the right direction himself. Kindly suggest at points when he is interested in talking with you that you would really like to bring him with you to a couseling session to help YOU (not to help get back together) and see what happens.

    I can say that he may be one of the ones that will know he is at fault but will never really admit it to you and is ashamed of himself and does not feel like he is worthy of you. Or he may be this type - he needs someone close, but he also needs to be free to swim the oceans. The last thing you can do to a Pisces is put them on a leash. THey have to be free to create and to explore and to do "werid" stuff and that means you must have a lot of trust in the relationship.

    Since he has cheated already, that trust is already tarnished. He may feel that if he comes back, he will always feel like he is being watched. The one thing that I (a Pisces) personally cannot stand and cannot understand is why, when I have a male friend, some women and girlfriend auctomatically assume that I am "after their man" and my husband used to think there was something going on between us - I had a friend on the other side of the country who I had known for 30 years and we were never anything more than friends, but when he came to visit a couple times my husband was such a moron and so rude that my friend felt so uncomfortable and I was SO EMBARRAsSED. I never really forgave my husband for that and he also managed to drive off most of my friends - male and female with his controlling attitude. (He is a Geminii and a narciscist as well) I have other male friends with wives who are cool if their husband and I go for a hike or a bike ride together. Then I have this one male Scorpio friend who's got an immature, much younger girlfriend who has him in a vise and she

    suspects him of everything. (Perhaps she is the one cheating on him) This woman is a Libra.

    I know that Scorpios also don't like to be on leashes and their creativity and personality will suffer if they are tied up in jealousy and suspiscion so I wonder how long that relationship will last. I just give you that example since you are a LIbra. Not to make a comparison or suggest that you are trying to tie him up. I don't know your situation at all and do not want to suggest in anyway that you or your husband are like this. It's just some experience I am passing on. I wish the best for you.

    The other thing I can tell you is that Pises tend to get bored very easily. Once they create something or learn something, then like to move onto the next dream. They also have these dreams that to them are reality and if the dream is marred it can be devastating. So you had this great marriage at first, then it turned to arguing etc. and the dream sort of dissolved. This may have thrown him into a grand funk and he went out looking for something perfect - someone or something to fill his dream - which probably was an unfulfilable fantasy and he may be realizing that as well. Good luck to you.

  • I very much agree with turtledust. Especially the advice about getting him to go to counselling for you. Maybe suggest you need closure.

    I don't feel that this is over for you, but the exact outcome is still hanging in the balance.

  • Thank you for the great advice. I am LOST without HIM, and miss him dearly!!!!

    He agreed to go to counsling with me.....I told him regardless of the outcome of our marriage....that we need to be able to communicate and counsling would help with that.

    I just wish i knew the outcome........

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