• Good Afternoon 🙂

    May I ask for a reading Please?

    I was wondering if you see a Renewal of some sort with a friend. We had an Intense Romance, and he is Sad that we had to break up.

    I am wondering if he will call me this Memorial Day Weeekend 🙂

    If Yes, Could you PLEASE tell me the Month that this will occur?

    Friend: June 30,1950

    Myself: April 21,1973

    Thanks In Advance 🙂

  • BUMP 🙂

  • Hi hun,

    I'm afraid I am turning into Shiva the Destroyer today 😞

    I'm sorry, this is not the man for you, but he did appear in your life for a reason. At some level, you fear that you are unable to provide for yourself and feel the need for a man to provide that security for you. This will often manifest as a pattern of being attracted to older men or men that are well established financially or in their career. You seek that maturity level so that you can feel safe and protected. Your life lesson is to learn that you are capable of providing this for yourself...accepting responsibility for your own success and for your own self-care. When not living up to this life lesson you will exhibit emotional dependence, insecurity, using the past to avoid the present, feeling isolated or alone and you may even attempt to control others through emotional overreactions. Start to recognize that this desire to be taken care of is self-defeating because in reality, this tendency toward emotional dependency is a trap - you will never be able to get enough reassurance from another in order to feel safe. When you recognize this responsibility lies within you and begin to operate in this manner - assuming full responsibility for yourself - you will gain self-respect and will then begin to feel secure and in control of your own destiny.

    In short, you do not need anyone else to take care of you. You are the only one that can provide the safety and security you crave. Satisfy your own emotional needs and then you will attract the right man for you.



  • Thanks; Very Thought provoking Indeed!!!

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