Need Help interpreting my Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

  • I asked about where my relationship is going and this is what it gave me--I don't understand it so if someone can please help! The card deck was the Gilded Tarot and I did the extended Celtic Cross--here it is in the order it gave me:

    position 1) Two of cups

    position 2) Death----Me

    position 3) Ten of Wands----Cossing

    position 4) The Lovers---the Foundation of my question

    position 5) Queen of Swords----Past

    position 6)Ace or Pentacles----Present

    position 7) Seven of Wands


    position 😎 The Tower


    position 9) Knight of Pentacles----environment

    position 10) The Empress----Hopes & fears

    position 11) Temperance


    Please help! This has stessed me out. Thank you,

  • 2 of cups - This is your question about your relationship

    Death - You sense an end or major transformation in the relationship and that's what you are worried about

    Ten of Wands - You feel the relationship has become a drag either for you or for him

    Lovers - And you wonder what you should do about the relationship at this point

    Queen of Swords - In the past you have tried to think about the relationship practically and logically, without letting your emotions get in the way

    Ace of Pentacles - Presently you think the relationship needs a major overhaul and a new beginning if it is going to work in the future. Otherwise there is no sense contiuing like this.

    Seven of Wands - You are willing to work on relationships ( maybe even future ones) and that will keep you in good stead

    Tower - Right now this relationship is giving you real tough times and going through a very negative phase which is affecting you badly

    Knight of Pentacles - Everything is sluggish and slow-moving right now

    Empress - You hope you can provide love and nurture to someone and be secure and comfortable in a relationship

    Temperance - You will meet the right person (if its not the present one) in the future, rest assured. You need to have patience and take things calmly. you will find the perfect person who complements you and provides you with the peace you are looking for

    God Bless !!

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