Captain, may I please have a little of your time for a reading?

  • I would like to know if I will get back with my x? we just split on tue. I am very devistated by this becasue i was so sure he was "the one" I had post previously about 9 months ago about this person. I was having a reaccuring dream of him for 6 years! And I seperated from my lTR so I thought I should see what that was about. amyway, so he was in costa rica and i was unable to get a hold of him. So, up until Nov 2010 I did the whole positive, universe thing. And he CALLED right before thanksgiving! And we were inseperable since. he told me he loved me, how i was always the one who got a way. I evened opened up about my dreams of him. So you can see why I really felt that he was the one. Signs all over etc. My dob is 9-2-80 his is 1-11-1981 Please do you see us getting back together? I am so heart broken over this. I am even doubting my belief system because of it!! Thank you in advance!

  • Snap - I just answered you on your other thread.

  • lol, yes I see it now! thank you. Do you think though that we may get back together?

  • Im sorry captain I see you did answer that question. thank you!

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