Not sure what to do about this situation

  • Hi, I really, really need some advice. There is a highly negative person in my life and I just cannot seem to set boundaries with them. I have given her advice in the past for her current situation but she ends up being spiteful and unappreciative and downright draining. She is dragging me down and I am not sure how to begin to stop it. I live with this person, so getting away isn't as easy as it looks. Any advice from a reader or a psychic is welcomed!!!

  • Well this is a practicle advice life issue you must be able to handle with logic and reason. Your actions are your choice and this will be a good learning lesson. Stick out the lease if you have to. This are core reasons why we must get ourself grounded. Keep busy. In reality this is your choice....leave, sublet, kick her out pay the full due, negotiate if you need to bring in a mediator do so...see if you can get another roomate in, or sit her down as an adult as she may Need you to foot the other part of the bill and have a plac..give her an ultimatum...see if you can discuss your true problems with her....., and stick it out and dont make the mistake again. No tarot is going to give you an answer...

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