In need of insight into my reading confused!!

  • Hi there...I'm new. I apologize in advance for my ramblings; here goes (oh, don't worry - I swear I'm mentally stable - LOL):

    I usually do well with readings for myself and friends when I"m not emotionally involved. I am so confused at this point about the results I've been getting for a current situation. If someone could help, I would be IMMENSELY appreciative. 🙂 Perhaps you could even draw some cards for me and interpret without my emotions getting involved.

    I just need to know if this man sees me as more than a hard worker (which he has complemented me on several times) and if our purpose together is more than just a mentor/friendship. I keep getting so many pentacles in regards to this situation.

    8 of pentacles- pursuit? or just that I'm the hard worker here?

    I've received the Emperor and Hierophant as the outcome when generally inquiring into our situation on several occasions. 3 of pentacles, too (recognition for hard work in our professional setting?).

    I'm so frustrated at this point and know I can't continue to examine this situation on my own via my own interpretation at this time. Way too confused...just need to hear other's thoughts and take a breather here. Overall, I just feel like an immature high schooler "does he like me?". LOL I seriously feel ridiculous about how much energy I've put towards thinking about him. Don't worry I"m starting a new internship this summer which will keep me focused on other things 🙂

    I had a professional reading the other day and the reader was optimistic that I should pursue this, however timing was currently off. (Quite obvious that timing is MAJOR here due to my interest's current professional situation and that he currently owns a house with someone). I am not looking for an affair, but would like a casual dating relationship when he ISN'T attached in the future. I can wait (and date others in the meantime...don't worry I'm not holding my breath) because I believe there is a spark/connection between us and that there must be a reason why he would act differently towards me (cold) around certain people, when he is so warm, friendly and flirty when we would find the time to be alone. Of course, this leads me to wonder if I simply stroke his ego (he is about 13-15 yrs older), although I can assure you that I am not the type of woman to be suggestively seductive or anything like that; we've been professional but our eye contact always seems quite intense. Right now, the cards have warned about the ramifications of an affair, which I could never conceivably do....could this be tied in with his side of perceiving the situation perhaps? Disappointing, if so....I've just felt that we have a mutual respect for one another and can't believe that he'd do that.

    These are some of the cards read yesterday in a professional, in-person reading:

    Why did this man enter my life:

    Past - Ace of Swords

    Present - Six of Pentacles

    Future - The Emperor

    Wouldn't the above cards fall in line that I had to work with him professionally to learn new things? Is 6 pents, just being like - woah, balance, girl! right now you need to realize this guy is just a really nice mentor for you to rely on in the future? Although, the emperor in the future seems strange if this is just work related. He has had direct authority over me in the past and while he doesn't technically right now over the summer, he (sort of) will for another year until I'm done there.

    Right now, we probably won't see each over the summer. And here is another crazy obstacle that makes me think I'm delusional that I can even hope that our connection could every develop: he currently lives with someone (they own a house together....with a this economy!). He has made statements here and there that all is not well on the home front, like they "tolerate" each other and that he doesn't believe that love lasts forever...just a few years (they've lived together for 3ish) Maybe I'm naive, but I don't feel like he was sharing those things to plant seeds for infidelity, I feel like he is genuinely unhappy and won't be in that situation forever.

    Keeping all of that in mind, here are some more cards that were selected at the reading:

    His emotional state : two of swords

    Me right now: high priestess (my intuition is just wavering now...I wish I could trust it, but there is nothing to trust right now because I keep going back and forth. Yes he is attracted, or no, i'm just someone he admires. Or yes, he is attracted but nothing can come out of this. Or no, he only wants an affair. UGH I dream about him all the time(not romantically, just similarly to how we used to interact...flirty and friendly) which makes me even more confused. Last night I had a dream he had too much to drink and that I was so concerned he was embarrassing himself in front of colleagues. I got him away from everyone and he just poured out everything that was going on in his life. I woke up.

    Him right now: four of cups

    Is he considering the situation? : Queen of Cups

    Next step for him: Judgement

    Is he going to come forward to me: Three of cups (couldn't this be about a work related activity, though? ahhhh lol)

    Are they going to sell their house? Ace of Wands

    When? Hanged man

    Should I reveal my feelings to him at an appropriate time: The Sun (I just can't believe this one....sorry seems so selfish unless he goes first...but maybe it makes sense assuming he goes first?)

    Has he fully let go of her yet? The Devil...? the reader also said it could be her that has a hold on him because of manipulation/finances, etc....but I don't know.

    What is the universe telling me about this overall? The Magician. The reader said this was positive if this is what I want.

    Has he tried to reveal himself to me in the past about his attraction? Six of cups (yeah he can be young acting); clarifier three of cups (Can't both of these cards simply mean he was just being friendly...rather than flirting and subtle innuendo as I kind of wondered he was doing?)

    Should I pursue this? 6 of pentacles....reader said this was positive that I should? hmmm.

    The ultimate outcome that this man wants with me if nothing was holding him back = 10 of cups (can't this relate to a solid, mutual friendship?)

    How he thinks he could get there (to 10 of cups) = Past - 5 Swords, Present = Judgement, Future - 8 Pentacles. 5 of swords doesn't seem to apply to a mentor relationship.

    Thank you so much for reading all of this! I feel so weird that we (the reader and I) got into their current situation, but the reader suggested it. Over all, he felt that the cards correlated the decline of their relationship. (Which wasn't a surprise based on things I had been told)

    I should mention that we have never been involved, but used to talk whenever we could get alone. (The setting made it complicated to spend additional time together). He used to say things that I thought were subtle ways of letting me know he was interested, after all he couldn't come right out and say it due to his position. However, maybe these "subtleties" fall in with the 6 of cups and three of cups? He did act childish at times, so maybe he was just being really friendly. 🙂 Overall, there was just a great energy between us....a connection....but maybe just a friendship/mentor connection? We have fun when we talk and are both enthusiastic in regards to similar interests.

    I just feel delusional at this point that I've been interpreting the situation from every angle, like yes - there is a connection here and yes we both greatly admire and respect each other....but where can it go? The only thing I know for sure is that he likes me as a friend and ultimately, that is acceptable, too. We "get" each other and it's so hard to find another person like that.

    Thanks for listening to me rant! LOL I feel so delusional after reading this's all just so "far out". I'd just love your input. 🙂


  • Hello kd87,

    Where to begin? 🙂

    I'm going to try to keep this short but sweet. I feel you are right about the pentacles, the Emperor etc relate to him being a mentor and your current business relationship.

    As far as emotions are concerned, everything is currently hanging in the balance for him (2 of swords). Overall he is feeling disillusioned, dissatisfied and doesn't really know what he wants (4 of cups). The 3 of cups is a reflection of the connection you have felt with him. This is emotional not business related.

    Judgement has come up twice for him. It could relate to his need to let go of something that is no longer working for him (his current relationship) and to move on. The 5 of swords here speaks to his inner turmoil, while the 8 of pentacles show him doing something new, something different.

    Overall, this is something you can pursue, but as you have been told, ONLY when the time is right. I also want to tell you to tread carefully. Have patience and move slowly. Things have got to unfold first and at the moment it is still very much up in the air. Don't try to force anything, especially now.

    Love & light,


  • Hi kd87,

    Awww, sweetie. Take a step back and look at this with clear eyes.

    "...he doesn't believe that love lasts forever...just a few years"

    Is that really the type of person you want to become involved with? Don't fall into the trap that it will be "different" with you. Bottom line is, men tend to tell these sad stories of their relationships being "over" while wooing someone new or just flirting to boost their egos. If he gets out of his current relationship, then tread carefully and slowly and don't jump into anything with him right away. Until he does extricate himself from his current situation - regardless of the sob stories - STAY AWAY. Please. Do yourself a favor. Seriously.



  • I think the reason you may be getting confused with your own readings is because you are focusing on the work relationship as well as the personal one.

    In my experience older men are generally flirty with the younger women, and it’s easy to get caught up in that.

    These are the thing you should take into consideration before you decide anything.

    1. He is living with another woman, so you have to tread carefully there.

    2. Just because he says things aren’t good on the home front doesn’t mean that is always the case, so be careful with that as well. (This could also be connected to that warning that you got of an affair.)

    3. As Watergirl18 has pointed out: He says he doesn’t believe love lasts, which could get you hurt in the end. (That shows you right there that even if you do want to get into a relationship with this man that it won’t last. He is actually expecting the love to fade after a few years. Why would you want to set yourself up for that?)

    4. If you tell him how you feel and he doesn’t reciprocate then you will have to deal with the awkwardness of working with him after that, that can be hurtful all on its own.

    My advice, if you still want to see what is there, whether he is being genuine or not would be…

    Do what PisceanHealer suggested. Take it slow and have patience. Get to know him as much as you can before you decide to get into or go for a relationship with him. This way, you will know where things stand with him and there is less risk of you getting hurt.

    It would also help if you wait until you aren’t working with him. That way if you two keep getting thrown together things will be easier to deal with and the business relationship doesn’t stand in the way.

    Just be careful. Good luck.

  • Wow. Thank you guys for taking the time to read my incredibly long post. I really appreciate it. My intuition is saying I do come away from this knowing that much to be true. 🙂

    Overall, I should have mentioned that I have worked with many older men in the past. I don't get the same "sleazy vibes" with this man, although he'd have more to lose due in his position. My interest doesn't say directly negative things about his partner as I've heard several men do. Of course, everyone has different communication styles. Overall, I just get an overall sense of sadness and disappointment of sorts with this man. Sometimes I feel like the things he has said in relation to his home life were a bit impulsive and that after he said them, probably realized he shouldn't have.

    PisceanHealer - I'm a Pisces, too. 🙂 Thank you for the clarification on the professional relationship, that helps me tremendously to understand where my confusion lies here.

    Watergirl & Wolfgirl - Great sound advice. I honestly wouldn't expect a long-term commitment from him. At this stage in my life, I'm unable to commit and settle down myself due to career pursuits and feel like a relationship with this man would be an experience and companionship.

    Thank you, again!

    Also - is anyone able to comment on the cards I drew in regards to whether or not he subtly attempted to communicate his interest?

    Six of cups and clarifier three of cups

    Or do these just reiterate friendship in the situation and enjoyment of time spent together? For someone his age, I was constantly amazed at his behavior at times. It honestly reminded me of something a younger guys do if they like someone; trying to get your attention, making you laugh, etc. It was actually pretty endearing....yet totally strange to observe from someone his age. 🙂


  • The 6 of Cups is usually a feeling akin to nostalgia. Reminiscing about the past. While the 3 of cups also demonstrates a feeling of happiness, of being emotionally in tune with another. It can also signify the beginning of a new relationship, or more accurately the willingness to take a relationship to a new level. Or at least considering it.

    Again however, I would say to trust your intuition; this is mostly enjoyment of time spent together. There is a potential relationship in the cards (no pun intended), but not yet.

    Love & light,


  • Marc,

    Thank you! That definitely makes sense. Obviously at this point, I've consulted on pretty much everything I can think of in regards to this situation. Hence, my confusion. (I'll know to approach my personal readings differently next time. 🙂 Thank goodness I didn't consult tarot cards when I was younger...I could only imagine lol.

    Just a few moments ago, however, a question did pop into my mind: "how did he feel when I left?" (On the last day of work, I didn't say didn't feel right for some reason, yet it would've been expected) So, I ended up emailing him that night instead, saying "thank you" in a warm, yet professional manner.

    The card I drew for how he felt when I left that day without saying goodbye: Eight of Cups

    How he felt when he received my e-mail: The Fool

    Interesting...but again I suppose goes in line with how a friend may feel if you were to just walk away. Almost as if he questioned my sincerity in our previous interactions, and then realized he was wrong after receiving my e-mail.


  • kd87,

    The cards this reader pulled for you have been misinterpreted as they were messages from Spirit to YOU and not necessarily about this man's relationship with the woman with whom he is currently in a relationship. But since you will probably resist this I have done a Celtic Cross for you myself asking about the potential of a future relationship with this man:

    Foundation/Basis of the Matter: The Devil

    You: 5 of Wands reversed

    What’s Above: 10 of Swords

    What’s Crossing You: 6 of Swords

    Recent Past: Knight of Swords

    Present Situation: The Chariot reversed

    Near Future: Temperance

    Blocks: The Sun reversed

    The Man You are Interested In: The Hermit reversed

    Advice: 10 of Cups

    Outcome: 9 of Pents

    I think the Devil as the Foundation/basis of the matter is pretty self-explanatory. You as the 5 of Wands reversed reflects confusion, scattered energy, allowing your physical desire to cloud your thinking, and unhealthy competition. The 10 of Swords above you is also pretty obvious – this situation isn’t going anywhere and you need to let it go. What’s crossing you is the 6 of Swords – this represents the need to let go of a situation that does not serve you and leave it behind…a severing of ties. The Knight of Swords represents rash and impulsive behavior. The Chariot reversed as the present situation reflects a conflict of interests and a need to stay centered. The charioteer is single-minded and charging ahead without thought. Spirit is asking you to slow down and think about this logically and to regain your balance – your ego/emotions have you running out of control right now. Temperance in the near future is about a need for self-restraint, prudence and moderation (or the lack thereof – depends on you). The Sun reversed as a block indicates that you are not seeing things clearly and need to “step into the light” so to speak. It can also indicate that your ambition, confidence and optimism in this situation is misguided. This man you are interested in showed up as The Hermit reversed. This reflects a person who is self-absorbed, foolish and imprudent. Your advice is the 10 of Cups. This is a card of love and harmony, but with friends and family. It also hints at spiritual growth - it speaks to emotional fulfillment...SELF fulfillment. The outcome card is 9 of Pents – this is a card of self-reliance and self-worth. This card represents a solitary woman – not in a relationship – with the capacity to be alone and enjoy the fruits of her labors.

    As much as your ego wants something to happen with this man you really need to let this go. Regardless of what he says or how you rationalize it, he is heavily involved with someone else. He has been flirting with you to stroke his ego and it's possible that something may happen between you two, but it would be of a physical nature only and he will still be living with this other woman. Be true to yourself and extricate yourself from the situation. It's also important to ask yourself why you feel such a strong desire to rescue this man from his supposed pain and sorrow. Do you have a fear of intimacy yourself? Do you have self-worth issues about being deserving of a man who is committed to you and you only? This is a fatal attraction type of co-dependency that you are experiencing with this man. Do some digging to get to the bottom of it so you can grow and move on to something much better.



  • Just to add; I agree with Watergirl here. Also the 10 of Swords above: your mind/mental energy has overanalysed this situation. It's not what you think it is.

    Love & light to you,


  • Thank you for the reading. I definitely have over thought this situation, I know. I think I've had a hard time fully accepting the cards because it has never been my intent to begin something with someone who is involved with another person. To me, living together is almost the same as being married. I could never be the other woman. Trust me, I've felt guilty just thinking about what could happen if his relationship didn't exist. So, I've always been like "well these cards are based on the present situation and don't take into consideration that he may be single in the future". I wouldn't have thought about this if I had known up front he was in a relationship. I didn't find out until later and that is when I began getting extremely confused.

    It sounds like maybe he isn't as honorable and sincere as I thought. I don't know. I just felt like there was such a mutual respect there. I have always wondered about all the compliments about my work...maybe he was just trying for something else. But - at least nothing ever manifested. A big disappointment for me would've been for him to act on this while still in a relationship, I just couldn't imagine him doing that. I have always just wondered about later on when things were different.

    Overall, the 9 of pentacles does truly describe me. Of course not so much lately, but overall - that card has always resonated with me. I'm one of those people that has never understood why some of my friends always feel the need to be with someone. I'm still young and can't imagine settling down until my 30's. I'm definitely content on my own. I'd rather be alone than with someone I felt like I was settling for. I love my career and typically that is my main focus in life...not something ridiculous like this!

    What I'm left with right now is that all of this has been pointless to think about; nothing can happen right now anyways, which is what I've truly known all along. I just didn't know about after that...say a year from now. Overall this has been a waste of my time, but it was a learning experience.

    Next week I'm starting a new position at work and I can focus entirely on that. 🙂

    Thank you all for your help,


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