A Reading Please

  • I would like an updated reading if someone has the time. Date of birth is 2/23/65 at 6:23 p.m. in SF, California. Looking to affirm if I am still on the right track and what areas of my life still need more work for the second half of the year. Thank you.

  • Unless you tell us what is your current situation, we cannot determine if it is the right one for you.

  • My apologies. I am currently in a career slump and wonder if there are any promising changes on the horizon and if I will see any improvement in financial stability. I am also cultivating more of a self-love approach to my life and would like to know how this is or will affect any possible romantic encounters in the forseeable future. Just want to find out if I am on the right track in following my own intuition correctly and making overall better choices. Thanks.

  • What is your present career?

    Self-love will always improve your secondary relationships. In fact, it is essential that you love yourself first before you can truly know how to love anyone else.

  • I work in the medical malpractice industry as a claims adjuster. Could you also tell me about a new friend I made a few months ago and whether or not we will remain friends or soon part ways? We seemed to hit it off right away but now I feel they may have been manipulating me for sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. Their birthdate is 8/8/58. I can at times be guillanble to people in need and just hope I am seeing them and their motives clearly. Thank you.

  • How do you feel about your job - do you like it, does it satisfy your career needs? Would a promotion make you happier or do you want to leave this profession and go to another?

    You and your friend: your friend is a lot more hard-headed than you and if he/she perceives any possessive or claiming attitudes from you, he/she will pull back. Ultimately it will be you who gets hurt but your friend who cannot forgive or forget. Yet this friendship can be magnetic, emphasizing sensitivity and a practical sort of spirituality. You are both very different people but you may share interests such as meditation, yoga, martial arts and a variety of artistic pursuits (especially music) that can find expression in your daily lives and will have a special appeal for you both. Your friend will take the lead in this relationship, perhaps in a direction you don't want it to go. He/she can teach you about being more outgoing and taking action while you can teach them about feelings. You tend to be the more narcissistic and your realistic friend may see you as being more caught up in your own self-interest than interested in him/her. He/she can be a bit of a drama king/queen at times. If feeling neglected, your friend will move away from you, leaving you feeling hurt and bewildered.

  • Thank you.

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