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  • Hi:

    Could someone please respond as to why readings from two different people do not come out with the same predicted outcome?

    I received a tarot email reading yesterday about my situation with a man who I cared about and have not seen in a long time. Her site says she will provide validation with name(s) so that there's proof of connection. Well, lo and behold she wrote out Gabriel, Gabrielle or Gabby. That was the man's partner who passed away several years ago. But my outcome was bleak with this man.

    Most other tarot and psychic readers who I've consulted this past year (I'd say about 98%) say otherwise. Their spirit guides are telling them that he wil return in my life and that he's the one. They pretty much nail his personality and our situation. One even told me that someone close to him passed away from a serious illness. Yup, that was the spouse. Another described to me a white wired bed. Days later, I came across a photo of the hospital crib in which their premature baby was sleeping with the white wired bed.

    So, I'm pretty confused when I have validations from different readers, but outcome so different.

    Any insights?


  • RkDreamerRK,

    There could be a variety of reasons for this.

    One is because there are so many polarities within the world, and our future is shaped through our actions. Some actions can drastically alter our future. This is "free will" in action.

    Another is your reading is only as good as the reader. Everything a reader or intuitive does is based upon their "interpretation" of the signs they get, what they feel, what they hear, what they see.

    I hope this helped.

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  • Thanks Markie! I guess I'll never know which interpretation is accurate until the end result. Is it fair to say that I should go with the majority? 98% tell me one thing. It's that odd reading here or there that tell me otherwise. I've had two reading on this forum and both seem to think that Bob will be back. By the way, I was trying to do a tarot reading on myself a few times tonight. I guess I was so nervous in the shuffling that cards fell out on its own. I got the 10 of cups and the 2 of cups. I tried it later again as I was concentrating on my situation and before I could finish shuffling, the 2 of cups fell out again. Significant?

  • RKDreamerRK,

    I suggest you go with what resonates with you the most.

    Whenever getting a reading, you not only have to examine the fact of what they are saying, but also look at the bigger picture. Will it be for your highest good to have this man back in your life? Is waiting for someone to come back the best for you, or is there a lesson to be learned here?

    If it is indeed for your highest good for him to come back to you, then what needs to be done on your part in order for him to be drawn back to you?

    What I am saying is that even though there is a "prediction" from a reader, mostly everything requires action. Putting out our intentions to the Universe is the right thing to do, but at the same time it requires some sort of action that we need to take in order to achieve the results that we want.

    While sometimes things just may happen to "fall" into our lap, it usually was the effect of some action or direction we took. Sometimes doing "nothing" is "acting", but that varies from situation to situation.

    I hope this helps.

    Create A Great Day!


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