• HI folks, the directions depend on your year of birth. I am not sure how they affect kids actually, we have done some room shuffling so that hubby and me get the original master bedroom back and it just so happend that the way our bed faces or the way the crowns of our heads point are very fortunate for us according to fengshui. I put my girls all in directions that were favourable to them, teh move made this possible, well except for my 6 year old but she was really relaxed and fresh when she got up this morning which is a first. I just turned my youngest daughter around in her bed. Yes sometimes you cannot move anything. And you don't need a lot of money for fengshui you can just rearrange what you ahve as best you can and usually there are remedies for what cannot be arranged. I do not know if it will make any difference to our lives but heck it sure cannot make them much worse. If you want to give me your birth years I will look up your directions. I am sure IBelieve has more info on this but you can also google any fengshui stuff you want to know. I have the book The Complete Idiot's Guide to Feng Shui.

    Not around much at the moment, I am really busy moving contents of rooms to other rooms and sighing at the amount of junk I need to get rid of. But it is starting to come together.

    Hugs to all,


  • Hi Guys,

    Thanks for you insight Sheelagh im born in 69 my littleones bed faces the door but he has been putting himself in at the other end and i think oh well if hes happy with that why not , RC,im glad that you are in high spirits im slowly getting there my little one is really sick at the moment, poor darling its so cold over here now its brass monkeys out there .

    Love and light 2u both Mags 🙂

  • Hi all hope all is well hubby has been laid off from his job again , littleone has been sick fun and games over here .

  • Hi Ladies,

    Daughter and the little one have been struggling with allergy issues since the weather changed. It'll improve of course but in the mean time they need some TLC. I've been so busy this week, partly related to the heatwave just running in slow motion and doing research day and night as best I can. I've been on a run of great luck in finding data so that has been keeping my mind off worries and such as I try very hard to be positive. It's my new motto and not easy to maintain, not one bit but I'm working on it. Hope things are going well for you both. I miss you guys and our chats but life has gotten in the way, I am sorry about that. Hoping we can connect soon.

  • Hi Rc

    sorry to hear about your daughter and littleone i hope thay are feeling better soon i ve just got over my littleone being sick he had bronchites the wether is cooling down now over here well im off to make some cupcakes for the kids hope to catch up with you soon miss our chats as well .

    Take care lots of love Mags xx

  • Mags and Paddi,

    I know you have both been busy lately and am not sure if you've had the chance to check in lately on my thread. I wanted to let you know just in case if I sort of vanish that it's becauses of finances so please don't lose heart. Know that I am thinking of you both, keeping you lifted up in prayer. My benefits have run out, there is no more money coming in so I am in a scramble to take a job and not lose everything in the process. Not that I hadn't been diligently trying before but now we are in desperation mode so it's a more intense feeling. So much is yet unpaid and we are running thin on everything else I am counting on a being greater than I to see us through these shadowy times. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base in case I can't later on to let you know you are in my thoughts and prayers always. I hope that things get better for both of you and your families and that in meantime you are provided for. Blessings.


  • Hi RC,

    Im sorry to hear about your financial situation i pray that it will impove for you soon, I hope you are feeling better after your illness . I hope all is well with your family .other than the financial issues . I pray that you will recieve an abundance of prosperity very soon . Is your daughter still working ? i pray that it all works out for you RC you are in my thoughts always . Thankyou for letting me know ..

    Take care ,lots of love and hugs always Mags xx

  • Just wanted you to know I've been thinking of you both. Been busy and inaccessible but you are in my thoughts if only they could transmit your way....LOL

    Be well dear friends. Keep in touch when you can. Email is best.

  • Hi RC big big hugs to you, there is always snail mail if you mail your address and facebook if you are mobile. Mags is not around much here anymore and we chat regularly on gmail.

    I hope life is looking up for you, I am doing okay!

    xx Sheelagh

  • paddi,

    you can reach me by emai too I just can't see it at home but can on my phone. The technology I fought turned out to be a lifesaver.

    Thinking of you dear friends, sick as a dog this weekend bad cold. fun fun fun......

  • Hey old friend,

    I happened to notice this thread in my saved topics and realized it has been awhile since we communicated. I hope that things are going well for you. Life is going on here, sometimes I feel like it is pushing me on when I get a little sluggish in my forward momentum. I've taken the time to live ...... what a concept. Not a very exciting one in my shoes but not living in the future or so much in the past but trying now and again to take real notice of today, the moment, the gift, the present. LOL Sorry I just had to go there.

    Things with daughter are greatly improved, little one is growing up so fast, it's scary how fast. And me well in big and small ways I'm figuring out who I am finally and learning to accept what I really want in my life and little by little learning to let go of the things and people that I don't want in my life. It's kind of hard coming into your own after being someone elses's something for like FOREVER....

    Anyway, I see your fb posts and feel your energy but haven't had much chance to touch base so thought I would do so. Be well my friend and keep in touch when you can.


  • I hope all is well RC

    i will always make sure we keep incontact via email .

    Love and hugs 2 u my dear friend

    Mags xx

  • Thanks Mags, take good care, things are going ok. Some rough patches at work but it's smoothing out. Now it's just slowly moving forward. Although I wish it fcould be

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