• Hi Ladies,

    Paddi, I hope that all the finances work out for you but don't be surprised if the holiday must be postponed until things even out. I think you are right about your husband being pressed to see the company from a light he doesn't want to admit is there. Sometimes it is just time to cut your losses. I know that isn't easy and not the answer any one wants to hear but the struggle takes it's toll on many and in ways we don't even imagine until much later. Hang in there. Getting the room fixed up sounds like a lot of fun, I hope your daughter will be pleased to have her own space.


    I know that switching schedules or types of work can take it's toll on a person and those around them. My dad used to work the graveyard shift and in order to spend any time with him it meant eating dinner at 9pm or not spending it with dad. I also would say there is something going on regarding time, I've been feeling much the same way, my sleep habits are altered. I get up really early and yet am wide awake and unable to rest until the wee hours of the morning. Here lately the average is 3 or 4am. It makes for many a groggy morning and a short temper at times which I am trying to control, my patience is thin when I'm tired or not well rested. I don't know if I am being prepared for a change of some sort or if perhaps its something in the stars so to speak. I hope that things even out for you soon and you get used to the new schedule and hubby acclimates. He's not ready to jump ship as landing the new position was sort of a safety net after how things went with the old company.

    Letting go of security for the unknown is tough. I wish you all both and will keep you in my prayers. My mom had a weird saying, every once in a while all the eggs in the carton get tossed just to see where they'll end up. I feel like one of those eggs.

    I missed out on the prayer session yesterday too. My sleep issues had me in bed too late in the a.m. and rushed to head to my brothers. With the little one away visiting dads family it's not often I get to squeeze in so much time for what I want to do I was trying to take full advantage of it.

    Have a great day.

  • Hi RC,

    Yes it is very hard with hubbys body clock being out of wack i woke at 5 am and went back until 7.30 am that was a first for a while yes you are right what you say hes not ready to jump ship .

    I hope all is well at your end and the weather is nice and sunny ,.Your Mum was a wise woman

    i totally feel like one of those eggs most days .

    Love and light Mags xx

  • Sheelagh ,

    I hope all is well how is the d,i y coming along? im sorry i havent had chance to do your reading ive been on the go all day i will do you 3 cards if thats ok as i dont really have time to focus my energy on the celtic cross like Marc did and i have to say i think he done a great job he is so talented with tarot and as you know he hasnt been learning it that long , I will send mail soon .

    Love and light MAgs xx

  • Hi ladies, I am a bit out of sync today, I have been receiving so much advice re my relationship and it is all negative and I wonder if I am so blind to my husband and ny life. I cannot hear my own self through all the advice. I need to find my core to find the answers.


  • Paddi,

    In as much as the standard may seem to be everyone can't be wrong, you need to find your inner peace first. Get grounded, take some deep breaths and let the answers come to you. This is a difficult situation you find yourself in and I wouldn't wish it on anyone sometimes the answer is you hang on in spite of all the advice around you but remember only you can make that decision. Don't be hasty but don't forget to include your feelings in the equation when you analyze it.

    Hang in there Mags, days will get better. We all go through the times of challenge. What bothers me is that so many of us are going through it all at once. Can't help but wonder what is really in store when the dust settles.

  • Hi RC,

    Sheelagh is in Germany how lovely for her i would love to go on a holiday even if it is just for a weekend Hope to catch up soon

    Love and light Mags 🙂

  • Wow the opportunity to take a holiday sounds great to me too. But I'm not seeing much of that in the near future. One day at a time, that's how I'm taking life right now. Hope things get better for you and yours soon Mags. For what it's worth just remember it may not be how you want it to be but it could be worse so count those blessings.

  • Hi RC,

    Yes you are right im beating myselfup over an incident that happened yesterday a lady from a furniture store told my son off for opening a draw and itwas harsh i couldnt have a go at her at the time because my little one was running out the door near the road ,so i rang up there today as i couldnt ring last night i had visitors and told the guy on the phone that i wasnt very happy about it hes only a kid he never damaged anything then i hung up oh RC i feel so weak i want to be like the strength card and not let people get it over me why do i have to be this way so soft and non confrontational i wish i was more outspoken my daughter is starting to be like that and my Mum said to me you know that people get hated for saying what they think and i said people feel resentful and get treated like a doormat when they dont . I need to snap out of this .

    I hope all is well sorry had to vent hope to catch up with you on chat .

    LOFL Mags

  • Hey Mags,

    Honey don't you worry you can vent to me anytime we all need to do that from time to time. You've certainly listened to your share of my drama and troubles since we met. I don't think you were wrong to stand up for your son or complain about the sales person. I do however think it was sort of too little too late. I understand with the little one heading out a door you couldn't stop for a retromand of a grown woman but it doesn't seem to hold the same weight the next day. You know what I mean. Don't feel you are falling short on your strength issue, I think the universe is just telling you your energies are better used in other areas, like saving your daughter from traffic. Believe me I too have felt the doormat syndrome and that sort of brought me to where I am. I choose my battles carefully. Not saying that is the right thing to do but when it comes to deciding where to use my energy or the most of it, in a fight or disagreement is not my place of choice, if I feel I have a choice at that particular moment. Hang in there kiddo it'll get better. I'm sure your son appreciated your stance and you did the right thing putting your daughters safety above the rude person. One day at a time, just take it one day at a time.

  • Hi RC,

    I know it was to late you are right but it was eating away at me i wish i was the strength card in to tarot or better yet the knight of swords she wouldnt have gotten away with it then . Im always one of those doogooders trying to do the right thing sometimes i think why bother because at the end of the day no one respects you for it . Im always on my childrens case to do the right thing and its my child that gets yelled at , yet i see parents letting there kids run wild yet nothing gets said to those kids . Im just totally over it RC being a good person and all it hasnt got me anywhere all my life i thought about the past before and for the first time ever i dont want to go back there but i dont want to move forward into the future either i just want to be suspended in time like the hanged man in the tarot im craving peace like yourself how i would love to have the house to myself for a whole day now ive resorted to not answering the phone in situations where ive wanted to sit down in peace and have my lunch its always ring ring or knock knock i wish i could avoid answering the door as well sometimes . Im sorry im letting all this out on you thankyou so much for listening I hope all is well at your end of the world .

    Takecare lots of love Mags xx

  • Hey I told you venting is perfectly ok. And here's a thought for you, you said, "being a good person and all it hasnt got me anywhere all my life", think for just a second about where it hasn't gotten you, into trouble, hated by others, not trusted because there is something about you.....not in a good way......

    My words are failing me a bit this morning but I think my point is being good and doing the right thing may not have gotten you where you want to be but I am sure it has kept you from being where you don't want to be, you just don't think about it. I'm like you, I'm the do gooder and I can see your point. But look at us as we have dealt with the tantrums of a toddler, sometimes they aren't really being bad they are just screaming for attention. I don't think you really want to be a bad person or change the person that you are, I think you simply want validation for being the person you are, acknowledgment that your thoughts and feelings matter, that you are a person others respect and care about. All of us want to feel that, all of us want to matter to others even if we don't want to admit it to oursellves. There is nothing wrong with that girl. But you don't have be bad or go to the dark side or change who you are on the inside to feel differently. Sometimes you just have to speak up to one person and say I want to count too. Maybe your husband knows you do and did a great job taking care of the kids and cleaning up the house but it sure would be nice to hear it once in a while right? Maybe it's that simple. Think about it.

  • Thanks RC,

    Im going to wake up 2m on a positive more note , its true what you say about us doogooders and peacekeepers , im worried for my daughter now as she is not like me at all she speaks her mind very upfront and says no and she cant be easlily swayed all the things i long to be .

    Thanks again RC for being a great friend and a shoulder to cry on

    Take care lots of love and hugs Mags xx

  • Hi ladies, back in town, had a nice break even it was ruined by a huge tax bill waiting when we came home but I am viewing that like the empath not taking on other peoples emotions - from afar. Who cares. It is only money. Don't know how to pay it and the other ones back. But we had a nice break before the bill came lol some might say irresponsible but who cares.

    Mags, your door is your own and if you don't want to open it then don't. I sometimes turn our doorbell off abd close the curtains in the front room if I couldn't be bothered.

    Hope to catch up on chat soon


  • Glad to be of help Mags.

    Sorry to hear about the tax bill Paddi but you are taking it in stride. Welcome back.

    The girls went to a festival downtown, daughter had a tude so I opted to stay home. The quiet is nice.

  • Hi Sheelagh, '

    Im sorry ot hear about the tax bill im glad thatyou had a wonderful holiday and got away from it all for a while . The universe will provide .

    RC ,

    How lovley for you quiet yes that woud be nice .

    hope to catch up soon

    Love and light 2 u both Mags xx

  • The tax bill isnot so important, we will get an arrangement to pay that off and anyway it is a good chance to hold a car boot sale or yard sale to get rid of some junk to raise some money. I did our feng shui directions which ones are the most fortunate for you to lie in and to have things facing, our bed is facing totally in the wrong way, the way that favours misfortune and bad business decisions and encourages malicious encounters and failed relationships. So this afternoon we are moving all the beds around, swapping rooms so that all the kids and we have ourbeds facing the right way. It is worth a try. It means painting all the rooms again and doing some handiwork but that is fine the house really needs a makeover and now that we have no small babies in the house and I am not nursing any more like for the past 8 years, we have no excuse for not doing it. And now that hubby is earning a lot again we can afford it, of course after the tax officials have been dealt with.

    Oh and hubby has been offered a contract extension till the end of 2012. Not sure if he will take it or not but it would be a financial relief.

    Hope you are all having a nice Sunday. Will try to take part in the meditation this afternoon.


  • Hi sheelagh how should the beds be facing ?

  • Paddi,

    Glad to hear things are looking up and that you have a handle on some solutions. Moving the beds around. Man I wonder if my bed is facing the wrong way? With my little room and the way everything is laid out there really are no other options but I wonder if that could be an issue. Certainly not in relationships department but the money angle. Hmmm food for thought. I want to do the feng shui but making the time and having the funds to do with it just hasn't been there so it is still on the back burner. Even the $9 cigar has been beyond my reach. I keep saying maybe next week, we'll have to see how that goes.

  • In my boys room you can only have the beds facing one way and thats with their feet facing the doorway a friend told me years ago this is not good they should be facing the other way as the dead where removed feet first but what can you do like RC said if you dont have the space ? I dont feel anybad energy in that room except that it is always in a mess .

  • Mags I'm not the feng shui expert for sure but my feeling is this you can only do the best you can do with what you have to work with, with the understanding that putting forth your best is a positive energy being exerted into the space. Don't sweat the position of the boys beds. Work with the rest as you need to.....remember your mindset in the process is as important as the effort.

    Things are going to get better. I know I'm running on a high from yesterday right now but the feeling that something good is happening not just for me but all over it's like a flow of light and color is encircling the earth in my mind I felt like it was swirling around the earth but going from the top toward the bottom so in my minds eye it's lke Canada would feel it before Asia if you can see what I mean. I think we are on the brink of some remarkable things. Hang in there, don't give up, have faith, know that I'm sending you energy too.;

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