• Hello Friends

    I have sure missed chatting with you guys like we used to in the old days i understand that there is alot going on on both your threads ,and i do email you both regulary but i would really like to continue our old times on the site as well . hope to catch up with you both soon

    Love and Hugs Mags xx

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  • I Maggie me dear you are completely right, we should always make time for friends.

    Luv n hugs,


  • yes it would be great to chat more often like the old days

  • Hi Mags I sent you some healing would have been about 7 am your time, I was able to visualise scanning with my hands and I was taken to just below your navel. Do you have pains there? Or bad headaches? I did Marc as well and his throat area needed some help.

    xhope you are okay

  • Hi Sheelagh,

    I had a shocking headache yesterday well i guess you could say it was a migraine it felt as if my head was stuck in a vice i havent had pains as such below my naval only during that time of the month , Thanks so much for sending me healing ive felt great all day now i know why .

    Hope to catch you on chat later

    Love MAGs xx

  • Well in reiki if your hands go to the abdomen it is because the receiver is suffering from bad headaches/migraine.

    glad it helped


  • That is interesting Sheelagh yes it helped immensly thankyou for taking the time to do it as i know how much you are under the pump at the moment , now can you tell me how do i stop myself from tapping in to others energy without even trying ? Ive asked Archangel Raphael to protect me but i was wondering are their any reiki techniques you know of ?

    Love Mags xx

  • I am just reading up for you, the first thing I read is - to overly identify with another person's pain is to invite it in. This is what I do - I can feel other people's emotions and pain but I push it away from myself and observe it like I might observe people while sitting having a coffee. And I do not let it become part of me. And I say to myself- - you are not mine, I do not want you.

    It usually works. I will keep reading.


  • Mags

    This the first I've gotten to see the new thread. Thanks for including me and I'm sorry I haven't kept in better touch. The job hunt has me in hyper drive although it's still frustrating and well you know how a 3 year old and a dog can get once the weather is nicer they want to be outside. Personally I'd like some more computer time but am still walking on egg shells with the attacks on this one.


    I am sorry if my whirlwind of emotions gets the better of you. It's never my intention to inflict that on anyone.

    I hope we can keep up this way when things are too hectic otherwise. I love you guys!

  • HI RC,

    Im so happy you found the thread, i was thinking of the days when we all used to chat on the other one ive noticed that there is a lot going on your thread as well so i thought i would start a new one for us all to catch up on . I totally understand what you are saying about littleone and pup you have your hands full it would be like having 2 toddlers to deal with . Im sorry to hear that you are still having issues wiith your daughter . I hope that you will find a job soon it is so hard nowadays over here you have to have a medical now before you can start most jobs there is a lot of red tape to go through .

    Love U2 Mags xx

  • Hey Mags,

    Yes my thread has gotten a bit crowded at times. It's all good, I think sometimes people just track you down as best they can and don't always realize where you are or what your intentions on the thread can be. I'm not a hater so it's all good so long as it doesn't get too out of hand.

    The drama with daughter is ongoing, some days she is human than like last week she goes off the deep end again. What is sad is that she is so hurtful and either doesn't care or doesn't see what she does with her rude statements and actions. Yep the two little ones are a hand full you are right like two toddlers, what a work out, I'm exhausted by the end of the day.

    I sure hope there is a break on the job front soon as time is literally running out. Gosh if you had to have medical coverage before taking a job here no one would work.

  • Thanks Sheelagh ,

    I will have to do it everyday i seen a lady before at the supermarket and i tapped into her energy last week and i broke out in a bad rash all over my face, neck and chest lucky i didnt come head on with her and i didnt think to pray for protection as my kids were going crazy at the registers were you scan the groceries yourself i could hear myself think .

    sorry i wont be able to catch up with you guys on chat tonight its nearly midnight here and im not feeling drained but i still think i would do me good to get some shuteye

    Thanks once again love Mags xx

  • Hi RC,

    It was better for me to catch up with you guys as you know i donrt have much time to read the threads as i would like to, i think you should try surrounding your daughter in whitelight and sending her positive affirmations you know the drill words like You will ... You can ...tell her that you deserve to be treated with respect and she shall do this 24/7 .

    Im signing off now hope you all have a lovely weekend

    Take care love Mags xx

  • Hey guys

    I hope all is well and you had a great weekend

    Love and light Mags xx

  • HI Mags, mine was very busy, we are doing up one of the rooms to make it a bedroom for my eldest daughter and it really is a big job but it is starting to look good. Hubby was not in great form either, his customers are not paying on time so there is a massive backlog of bills to be paid and no-one has received any wages yet so I do not kno how the mortgage is going to be paid this month. I am praying for help from above, my angels have never let us down before so they won't this time either but I think they are forcing hubby to shut down shop the hard way seeing as he would not listen to my or anyone else's advice. But hey the fridge is still full. So I do not know if w are going away this week or not, no money at the oment to pay for a holiday, the kids will be heartbroken. but there is time between now and Wednesday.

    Hope you are well, I missed the meditation this week, I guess in America it changed to daylight saving time whih we don't have here in Europe so we got the time wrong by an hour. Silly of me not to check, our other Europeans Marc and Seehorse got it right.

    Better go, my youngest is very clingy today, I have no time on my own.

    xxto you both, Sheelagh

  • Hi Sheelagh ,

    Im sorry to hear of your financial situation , i pray that you will recieve an abundance of prosperity soon ,i have just had a talk with my hubby about his currant job hes not happy his arms a killing him and he is not afraid of hard work by any means i told him if you are not happy leave and look around for something else but hes not having any of it . Im sorry i never got to do you that reading you were talking about on the weekend with the flue and all my brain has been fried .I will do you one just email me the question and let me know if you want an angel card or tarot reading .

    Love and light Mags xx

  • Mags, sorry to hear your hubby is not happy, I hope he does not take his frustration out on you. I will mail you a qu later on.


  • Hi Sheelagh

    Ok no worries, hubbys been really good lately hes putting on weight again but its lack of sleep thats the main problem his body clock is out of wack going from nights to days and hes waking me up with him and some mornings im just laying in the bed wide awake for 2 hours staring at the ceiling .Its going to take time to adjust .

    love and light Mags xx

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