Looking for a reading regarding my relationship please!

  • Would like to know if any one sees me and my x getting back together. We just broke up on Tue.

    My name is Sarah 9-2-80.. He is Tim 1-11-81. Im really devistated by this. I was so sure he was "the one" Please any insight would be greatly appreciated. Even if its bad 😞 thank you in advance!

  • Oh, and if you read my previous topics from 8 or 9 months ago. this is the person who i was looking for and dreaming of. if that helps.

  • sdr1980,

    If you look at personal yearly cycles you both are in, the numbers are foes when pertaining to numerology.

    By calculations you are in a personal yearly cycle of 6. The 6 tells us we will need to deal with matters of the heart, home, family, relationships, and responsibility. The 6 will test usually test one on the subject of "love." You are a strong 2 energy, so the whole partnership issue is more devastating for you than it would be for another.

    Your partner is in a personal yearly cycle of 7. The 7 is mysterious and doesn't get along with the 6 energy. When people are usually in a 7 cycle they withdraw, keep to themselves, are misunderstood, confused, and can be deceitful and secretive. They may feel overwhelmed or smothered, or pressured.

    While this is a tough time, the relationship, won't be able to progress or heal, unless he is willing to "come out of his shell" and make an "effort."

    Reach out to him, and if he doesn't reciprocate, then you must wish him well for now. He will come around when he is ready. Possibly in a month or two.

    I wish you luck and most of all happiness.

    Create A Great Day!


  • Hi Markie, I thank you so much for your insight! You are so very right about both of us at this time in our lives! Thank you again for your time! 🙂

  • Sarah, there may indeed be a reconciliation as this relationship has good prospects for marriage. It is a heavy relationship, whose weight is palpable. It demands attention. Even if it is taken for granted for a while, its impact on its surroundings will be felt later on - sometimes when it is no longer on the scene.

    As lovers and spouses, the two of you expect each other to toe the line and do their fair share. This is an earthy, practical matchup. You are both usually very sensible about your finances and the relationship is comfortable handling money. If you have children, they will usually grow up seeing their parents as reliable and active.

    Your relationship takes little for granted when it comes to fulfilling responsibilities and indeed it can be extremely unforgiving. Your partner can become too wrapped up in his career, fearing a loss of control and being desperate to appear successful and self-reliant to the point where he pushes away the very people who can comfort him. You on the other hand have a critical nitpicky side that can irritate your partner and undermine his self-confidence. He can be sweet, loving and sensitive but he has got some old fashioned beliefs about the man being the boss which are so deeply ingrained in him that he finds it difficult to be completely trusting and vulnerable with a woman. Sexual expression here is usually direct and perhaps somewhat unsubtle. However you Sarah may be unwilling or unable to give yourself fully emotionally to your partner, hanging onto an image of purity or chastity that is empty and unfulfilling. You may also be afraid to let go of control and let the Universe take care of you with its better plan. Should the flame of passion cool down between you, sensuality can be sublimated into other areas, particularly those to do with food, or athletic or fitness training. Your relationship does have a tendency to be overly materialistic at times which can slow down personal development. Your partner may take the lead when the relationship gets stuck or bogged down, or may want to move it in a more philosophical, religious or spiritual direction.

    Despite your differences, you both want the same thing in the end - to receive love. Your need to feel the accpeptance of your peers and experience the loving energy of someone else is nearly insatiable. To bring this energy into your lives, you need to first give love by cheering people up and making them happy. By contributing to the happiness of others, you create a peer group who will support, accept and love you. You gain the reward of knowing you are an important participant in the stream of life.

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