Self prophecy

  • Wow! It's been over a year since I have been on here... my how time passes. I am wondering if anyone out there believes that one could know about an upcoming event in their own lives. Let me explain... I have been married for 20 years, now seeking a divorce. I was awakened and shown through many defining moments how my marriage was bad for my husband, my daughter, and myself as well. I have been going through the transition for over a year now. I feel like a butterfly emerging from my cocoon. My daughter is a blossoming flower. My husband has finally stared to stand on his own. I know this is the right path. One longing I had throughout the course of my marriage was to have another child. I never did because my husband was opposed to the idea. Now, as a soon to be divorced 40 year old woman, I still have that desire more than ever. I have always believed I would have a son. A few weeks ago it came to me as a whisper in my ear that I would have a son within a few years, and his name was whispered into my ear. At first I figured it was wishful thinking, but I just can't shake the feeling it gave me. And I just have this knowing within my spirit, just as I did when I got pregnant with my daughter. I truly believe this will come to pass. I have no idea who might be the father, but I know this will be my son, and I will raise him.

    Does it sound like I am completely bonkers? Am I just trying to fulfill my own desires in my head? Does anyone out there get any kind of insight here? All thoughts and perceptions are welcome.

    Thank you to all who read my story. Love and blessings to all.

  • Self fulfilling prophecies are very real. I remember reading on another forum how a tarot reader gave a woman a reading regarding her "career". The querent had recently dropped out of her University studies and decided that she no longer wanted to be a student, she just wanted to go out and work. But the reader said that she would actually return to University and get a degree.

    A few years later the querent came back to the reader and said she had indeed gone back to University and she had managed to get a degree, but the kicker was, she admitted she would never have considered this an option at all if she hadn't have had the reading in the first place.

    They're an enigma that's for sure. I'd say to you to trust your instinct and follow your heart. 🙂

    Love & light to you,


  • Thank you Marc, I so appreciate your feedback. It is difficult to believe that it could be true, because it is something I want so badly. I guess I will move forward with hope and see what happens.

  • anyone else have any feedback here?

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