Cwb Speaks OUT

  • Okay ladies n gents

    Enough is ENOUGH!

    Ive had this happen to me b4, and ive seen it happen to many others. I and other members ask for aide, insight n help on a NEW MADE THREAD only to have it HIJACKED STOLEN OVERTAKEN by someone else.

    Often it is to ask what the thread topic is lined as, often a read insight of sorts. Othertimes its directed to a certain person member which then is stolen, yes i use harsh words bc thats what happens. it IS stolen.

    Now the thief may not mean harm or ignorance but the thread starter may feel so. N often its tolerated, other times its remarked by plz dont n next time make ur own thread or at least ask. i RARELY see ask may i use ur thread to ask the same person u asked for.

    Ive tried to go out of my way to ask permission b4 posting a need for help by threadstarters. Mainly bc threadstarter made me aware of their annoyance.

    Ive too many had this happen on mine n ive last many times remarked hard underlined onit along with why i mark it. BUT people forget.

    I awoke with a feel of dread today, after researching the clues given i was thrown into a tumoil of proportions which made me ask on a NEW started thread. I go on ALL day hardly able to breathe, nervous as a dosin cats on blazing burning tinroof, near faint in fear hoping PRAYING a few would extend ur help, as ive made it a rare thing to even ask for help. I try to figure it out on me own most times. And WHAT HAPPENS?

    Instead of the help i asked for i get asked FOR MY HELP on THEIR ISSUE.

    I felt it again but more strongly. I feel:



    UNWORTHY of help




    that my issues are NOT as IMPORTANT as anyone elses


    n i HATE it.

    Now i KNOW I AINT alone in this, that many more b4 me has had this happen n has n is feeling this. I felt time to speak up n speak out.

    THIS IS NOT OKAY. If i n MANY MORE can FIGURE OUT how to make NEW THREADS asking the specific person for their help, HOW COME THOSE THAT STEAL CANNOT???

    This drop makes me SERIOUSLY think of quitting altogether, which means guidance, reads, insights n more will from my part b a thing of the past. Its not an happy nice feeling. Its icecold.

    GUYS it is NOT okay to overthrow someones cry for help to ignore them by stealing their threads n ignore them for ur own need of their help. It makes them feel less worthy of help n ignored.

    IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!

    I ask u, if i n those of us who has had this done to them, would reverse it onto u, how would u feel? Consider this long n hard.

    CWB on strike from now on n till whenever, path to doing no more reads, advice n insights of any n all kinds. I congratulate u.

  • Hey, CWB, I hope this is not because of what I asked of you on the other thread of yours, if so I'm sorry if I offended you or anything or any other way, I was unsure of weather to ask you on a separate thread, I rarely ask for readings here, its only every know and then. when I feel like I should, or sometimes i dont know. and im a little shy at asking, though im getting better at that, from the help of everyone here, which is good. But i am wary of posting on certain threads and what to post on others threads, and weather its the right thread to post it on. So i have no idea of my judgement on that, so again i am sorry for intrusion on your thread, and i hope you'll Re announce your strike, as i feel bad for what i asked of you especially as it was you asking for help on your thread, and that was kind of rude of me. Blessings CWB, and thank you for all you do on here. Love and blessings Bee Xx

  • Hi sweetie

    yes n no. It could have been any one that just made the glass over flow. i know deep down u meant no harm whatsoever, n i am very aware u rarely ask, n when u do its almost historic, kind of like with me when i ask.

    in case of doubt always post a new thread then ure safe on all sides.-

    my bark is worse than my bite. I just ahd to speak up bc my issue is important to me. i also spoke up 4 all who has this happened to them U sweetie has had it happen to u also. ive seen it, n it annoyed u to no end.

    so this is juss not for me but for us all. so dont feel bad. once ive slept n calmed more down than i am now, i will look at ur issue n reply on a thread new one addressed to u.

    cwb on a calm wave rethinking what to do

  • Not to be off topice but you should become a Professional Ranter (If it was a real job), CWB.

    I enjoy reading your rants.

    I can picture you having your own segment on television and the people at home agreeing.

    Well, yeah.

    I've had this happen to me before but I just ignore them. I don't really look at threads adressed to one person so I don't notice THREAD INTRUDERS (Lol. I like that name).

  • Hi! CWB I really wanted to keep in touch with you is there any other way around to chat sometimes I guess were not allowed to put email or any personal details here. Thanks and be safe always...

  • Thank you CWB- I'm glad It wasn't Just me, and i guess i should of started a new thread woopsey daizy as i say, thanks, and i do find this annoying too, when others take over something which is completely of topic and nothing of regards to which you asked of, so i do feel sorry for that part. thank you, and i hope you know, I love ya even if i don't talk to you much, i still read all your threads, they are good fun to read. Hehehe

    love Bee Xx

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Everyone,

    Just reminder that it is against our policy for you to post your email addresses in the forum.

    This rule is for your protection. This includes cr3ative spell1ng of any email address.

    Thank you,


  • thanx admin, sorry forgot

  • I am new to this whole forum thing - I posted a comment and was very politely asked to start a thread of my own, but I wonder if someone in charge of the site could offer some advice on do's and don'ts. I doubt people think of posting up as stealing a thread? I have read through some threads and the link between the postings is tenuous at best. Is it an occupational hazard of being on a forum? Maybe like I say a reminder from the site manager, spelling out to all, especially newcomers like me, what the etiquette is. If you are a seasoned veteran to forums you maybe get it better than people who don't? I don't think people are being malicious....

  • Hello thepolyglot,

    To see the entire list of for Forum rules, please visit:

    I hope you find this information helpful.

    Thank you,


  • In past it has been intentional. One can see it in how it is worded. Lately its been an oooppss incident. HOWEVER if it continueously happens it rubs one the wrong way.

    i know its not malicious BUT its non the less rude n hurtful. I stand by what ive said n i know many more who will follow it bc they have been in this as am i.

    BEST way is to make a new thread. Or at least b4 u post on a thread may i add this or ought i make a new one instead of just barging on n post things that is not in with the thread topic.

    If need the rules of do n donts mail as there is where u find admin. ask them to send u the forum rules. they have been added .

    basically its about treat everyone as u wish to b treated urself. i thinks thats the guiding light for us all.

    i try very hard to live by it, but sometimes i as others need to speak up when we feel stepped on. this thread here is 4 all who feel our plea for help n threads has been stolen n hijacked for other purposes than what the topic is set to be. One more thing is we who made the topic knows why we made it, its purpose n some may act as if they do, but they dont. that too is condesending n negative, n in my book a kind of steal also.

    ok im off my soapbox. I will make a new thread regards do´s n dont, bc this issue does NOT belong on MY thread of speak out my mind. 4 now ive allowed it bc u are new n many more is, n not knowing the best course. sp please look out for new thread of do´s n donts


  • Thanks, admin! I will peruse at my leisure. The last thing I want to do is hack off other contributors! Am I correct in thinking from the references to federal law, that the majority of the contributors are from the US? I assume the site originates from the US?

  • members are from all around the world from all walks of life sweetie

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