Cant get over it

  • Ive just been dumped by my man from my first relationship,

    and no matter how i try i cant seem to get over it.

    He wants to be friends with my cusion and im confussed about it all :s

  • sad,,,,,,,,,,,,

    it is easier said than done if we say forget it

    as it will hurt more.... but in a situation like this where he wants to be friends with your cousin is going to be more difficult for you to handle or in any case more degrading................

    just try to give more time to prayer, it may seem absurd to you but this is the only thing that can help you to overcome this or forget him. if you are not religious then i think you can do meditation and the simplest form is to sit quite at a place in your house where you feel the most comfortable and close your eyes. now all you have to do is just observe your breath, inhaling, exhaling..........

    do this as long as you can and just see the difference in your approach. may be you would start feeling better off him and the best part of doing this is that it attracts good fortune and may be you will get your true soul mate who is worth you............

    all the best.............i shall pray for you and God bless you...................

    we can not change people or the situations, we can change us and the way we react to the situations around us and thats the only thing that will make any difference to you and your life ........not people.........

    i hope you get my message!!!!!!!

  • Hi sweetheart. I know it hurts. (hugs) Take it slow, be gentle with yourself. Just wanted to send you a link to this article -- I hope it helps. If you like, contact me for some guidance.

    Blessings, Ahliyah

  • thank you both of your kind messsages, it has helped me alot.. Im finding it easier to see things in a positive light now.

    Thank you again

  • why does he want to be friends with your cousin and not you? dont you find that odd??

  • hey i am sorry if that last comment was or souned harsh in anyway. my first marriage was bad, and he wasnt very faithfull at all, i would say if it is ment to be he will be back.

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