THE CAPTAIN A Dating question Please :)

  • Hello The Captain, I hope that All is well with You 🙂

    Now that Summer is Approaching us, I was wondering if you see me dating; or, having a good friendship with any Men in the Next Three Months?

    Thank You In Advance!

  • That depends on whther you have dealt with any issues regarding love. I sense you feel very suspicious around men and so you give off vibes that send them away.

  • WOW, you are correct in that I feel Very Suspicious around Men. I have had so many befriend me only because they were only interested in SEX.

    I feel that most Women should be on GUARD, in order to weed out the perverts!

  • Yes but being on your guard repels the good guys as well as the bad. All you have to do is use your intuition to tell the genuine guys from the fakes. And by intuition, I don't mean emotions. Emotions only tell you what you want to happen, not what is really going on.

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