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  • Hi guys!

    I'm new to the forums here. I am trying to do a reading for myself and sometimes I think things can be blurry when it's not someone else's point of view on the situation.. ie... we see what we want to see. So for this question I wanted to get other people's interpretations. When I look at it however... I just get a really negative feeling about this spread... it's not just because the devil is in the spread but also that 3 of swords and 7 of swords...

    This question is about this guy who I like. I'm getting mixed messages. After a long time of not wanting anything to do with me he's trying to make contact with me again but I just feel there is ulterior motives behind it. Mostly I feel that he has a plan to hurt me because I said I don't want anything to do with him either now. I'm sick of the games. It feels like he wants me to want him but he doesn't want anything to do with me. I know most people will tell me to walk away which I feel I should do also but I can't help but miss the person I first met. The person who was kind and caring and not so self-centred. So one day he seems to want to contact me and then the next day he seems distant and i'm just trying to figure out what is going on. I feel that whatever it is, may be deceiving.

    Question: Does he still like me?

    Spread used: Yes/No spread

    Shuffle a deck so that some of the cards are reversed and deal out five, seven or nine cards. The middle card always counts as two points and the others as one point each. If the majority are upright, the answer is a yes; vice versa means no. If the total points for yes and no are equal, then the cards are refusing to give a definite answer.

    Cards 1-2: What happened in the past

    Card 3: What's happening now

    Cards 4-5: What may happen in the future

    Question: Does he still like me?

    By this spread... 4 no and 2 yes

    1. The Devil

    2. 5 Of Wands (Reversed)

    3. The Wheel Of Fortune (Reversed)

    4. 3 Of Swords (Reversed)

    5. 7 Of Swords

    Cards 1 + 2: I think the devil is warning me either about my own feelings or his. I'm asking if he still likes me though so i'm a little confused on how to interpret this. It could be saying that i'm too obsessed about him or vice versa. Thinking about it too much. Or it can also mean feeling lust/temptation. The 5 Of Wands reversed to me is indicating that we called a truce. We would throw around hateful words but after he stopped, so did I.

    Card 3: Is pretty straightforward...i'm feeling down on my luck and honestly confused

    Cards 4 + 5: Three of swords (reversed) to me is healing from heartbreak but then we get the 7 of swords which is a card I absolutely hate! The guy just looks so sneaky! It looks like the guy in the 7 Of Swords is heading toward the 3 of swords. Maybe putting the swords in the heart? He tends to copy my ideas too. At first I took it as flattery (imitation is flattery) but now i'm thinking he does it to try to make himself look better or he's jealous... so as we know... swords are thought/intellect... so this guy looks like he's stealing them. Whenever I decide to walk away and heal emotionally... he does something to pull me back to him. I know most people will ask... why do you still care for someone who does these emotional games...but I can't help caring for him... I guess caring for the person I remember or first knew.

    So overall the two cards that stick out at me are the devil and the 7 of swords... to me they scream out deception. Can you see what the deception may be about? Is he playing games? Any advice you can give me to help me through this would be great.

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  • He is in it only for the sex (devil) and will not think twice before breaking your heart or deceiving you (for sex). There are no cup cards, clearly showing that he has no emotions for you at all.

    I would run away if I were you. I am sorry, but sometimes this kind of a spread I believe is a good thing because many times the individual involved does not see the clear truth and sticks on with a really negative relationship, giving the partner the benefit of doubt and going through unnecesary trauma. Sometimes you have to get that clear message to back off from somewhere, and in your case this may be it.

    God Bless !!

  • Thank you so much for your reply! Yeah every time I do a reading it never looks good about this. I always hope it will change but the cards never seem to lie. That's a good point too that there are no cup cards coupled with the fact that this spread indicates a no. Not a good sign at all. So all he's interested in is sex and not knowing me as a person according to the cards. I do see deception with those two cards devil + 7 of swords... not good at all.

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