Relationship reading plz? :)

  • Me - 3/8/83 & Him - 1/16/76 ... Thanks!

  • This is not an easy relationship for love or marriage. Since you are rarely capable of or even interested in dominating your powerful partner, he would seem to be the boss here. Yet appearances can be deceptive or not quite as simple as they seem - although you cannot govern him, you generally demand to be on an equal footing with him in terms of power and control. It is often your relationship itself that assumes a leadership role in its immediate social, professional or family environment. Since this relationship carries the possibility of fiery involvement, ironing out any issues may prove far from easy.

    In a love affair, passions are likely to be uncontrolled unless the relationship has some direction and purpose. You Carly can be highly unconventional and may baulk against social restrictions, while your partner may insist on following the rules. Marriage is not recommended here unless agreement can be reached on social and financial matters. You two can show empathy for each other in times of need. Yet when the two of you founder, you are likely to generate extremely painful and destructive energies. The abuse of power in this relationship can be high and unhealthy.

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