An Aquarian woman in love with a Scorpio man

  • I have been with a Scorpio born on 11-02-49. I am an Aquarian born on 02-12-55. I do not know times of birth for either myself or him. I realize that astrological influences do not make or break a union depending on the people involved, however I do believe that they have a place in what I believe in.. Is this relationship doomed or is he the love of a lifetime...I have to admit, sometimes, it feels as if I am in a pit, other times on a mountain top. I owuld really appreciate some opinions on this topic...thanks...

  • Hi Cindy,

    Iam buy far and expert on Tarot of any kind,but i too am an aquarian with a scorpio . for some reason scorpios are hard to deal with most of the time. he and myself go through a lot of turmoil,most of the time between each other.I love him dearly but Iam 50 and hes40 and I don't know if its the age difference or just the fact that we are so different in most aspects,that I feel it will end soon for me. Because of the combonationof the two its a must to really be on the same page all the time of it will just make the relationship feel like too much work,and unfortunatly it only starts resentments.I find my scorpio, is out for the easy ways for him reguardless of his intention, it is for alot of them, their means to an end and take the ride as far as it will go. scorpios know how to take care of them selfs well,but seem to have diffaculty,being there equally for there partners,not sure why but that is my experience at the present.

    hope this helps would like to talk more on the subject if you would like!

    may the stars stay bright for you


  • Hi Cindy.

    I am in just the opposite situation... I am a scorpio woman who is CRAZY about an aquarius man. We are both married to other people, but the sexual attraction is phenomenal. We started out as friends only... and found that we could talk about anything and everything. It then moved on to sexual conversations, and occasional quickies. Unfortunately, I am too possessive - and read things into what he's saying when emailing back and forth. It frustrates him, and he calls "it" off... but then before I know it, we're right back where we were. He is 20 years older than me, so yes, old enough to be my father. I can totally identify with the sometimes feeling in a pit and other times on a mountaintop. One day we're emailing back and forth like crazy, then I don't hear from him for days, leaving me to wonder what I did wrong. Sometimes I'm just not into the mind games, even though he says he's not playing them. I want to mean more to him that I do, or that he's willing to admit to me. But.. I think that when he 'calls it off' and wants to go back to being friends only, he is protecting himself from feeling things he can't feel because of his 30+ year marriage that he intends to stay in. (i also intend to stay in my marriage... I love my husband (who is a sagittarius), but we rarely see each other because we work opposite shifts and have different days off and have throughout our whole marriage. Sometimes I just feel neglected) and my Aquarius friend makes me feel alive again. But... I can't help but think that if he wanted to be with me sexually as bad as he says he does, he would find a way to do it... and he doesn't.

    I truly hope that your Scorpio man is your love of a lifetime. Scorpios are generally very loyal people, but we are also dark, secretive and intense. The intensity is something that only another scorpio can understand. We are also prone to addictions... so hopefully your man isn't. I wish you the best!

  • Hi Cindy,

    I laughed when I saw this post. My step dad is a scorpio 10/30/38 & my mom an aquarius 2/15/45. I was just talking with her for two hours about relationships. I must say the two of them are going strong for over 30 years. They are both very true examples of their sun signs. I am a leo and my mother is my astrological opposite, I think we are very similar. I find it funny how quirky she is. I sometimes think she is in the clouds but she is down to earth, actually. I have never saw such a optimist as my mother. I think my stepdad is still like a gushing school boy around her. I think this is a great pairing with these signs. My mother never gave in to his jealous moods or his controlling ways. I think it made her more set in her ways and when he was younger he liked to go out with friends and drink. My mother was not having any of that & she dumped him a few times when they were young. I think he finally gave in to her and they are living happily ever after. Good luck to you and never change your aquarian nature, lol.

  • I also feel as you do. I feel for my husband behind a mask (we were at a Mardi Gras party) and when I took my mask off, he says he fell for me. Me being a somewhat atypical Aquarian (think likes causes but would rather sip a latte) while my husband is a somewhat atypical Scorpio, loves to hang out with people, is a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor and loves to laugh. I am in love but I was domineering at the start and he took on the daddy role when he moved in with my son and I. So, now I am focusing on keeping myself healthy and re-viewing what I like about myself and what I need to move forward as the Independent, smart, Fun, Quirky, fashion conscious and humanitarian person that I am. If I know my Scorpio man, when he sees me happy and having a good time, he's drawn like a fly to s***. 🙂

  • i am an aquarius with my moon in cancer and rising sign pisces. He is a scorpio with moon in aquarius and virgo rising. His mars is in aquarius, venus in scorpio. My mars is in cancer, venus in pisces. So you see, it is all really a combo of things!

    My only problem is that he tends to be emotionally detached and feels safer with "friendship first". On the other hand, he couldn't keep his hands off of me while we were still friends! I was born in 1961 (Jan. 30). He was born 1954 (Nov. 1954). Now I have to deal with his habit of feeling he needs to 'validate' the femininity of female friends with compliments and lots of touching. Help!

  • Can anyone help me understand why my Scorpio man needs to 'validate the femininity' of female friends with a lot of touching and compliments when I am his girlfriend already? He is Scorpio with Mars in Aquarius, Venus in Scorpio. I am Aquarius with Mars in Cancer, Venus in Pisces.

  • I am also in the midst of a very confusing relationship with a Scorpio Man. I am not even sure if I should call it a relationship because it has not started as such. I have known him for the last 5 years, we are colleagues. I am an Aquarius-Pisces cusp 02/19/64 and he is a Scorpio 10/30/75. He is shy, yet looks for me and seeks advise from me. When I think we are just good friends, he will txt me out of the blue at unexpected times wanting to know what I am doing. Sort of like a drunk text. Then he calls me after, he exibits boyfriend like behavior at times, yet when I try to pull close to him he backs away. Finally after much a do back and forth for years he suggested to meet me one night at a favorite hang out of mine 6 day prior to this one night. At first I said sure and then realized that I had a date that day. When I said I couldn't cause I was not going to be there that night, he asked "well where r u going to be'? I said I had a date, he seemed shocked, surprised and wanted to know with who and what he did. Since then he has really backed away. My date was nothing and no big deal and now I don't know how to get him back to the place that he felt close to me. Please help... I AM SO CONFUSED about this guy. For once in my life I don't know how to react to someone or what I should do.

  • I am scorpio man who was in a relationship with an aquarian woman. This relationship almost destroyed me emotionally. i loved this woman more than life itself, but she ended up cheating on me with an ex, lying about everything, was secretive, and unemotiional. When she she felt like she needed me for something, then she made excuses for her actions but never really apologized. Eventually this brought out the worst in my character, and I spied on her trying to uncover the truth. What I found was an un feeling woman who had lied to people most of her life, and who always blamed others for things that happened to her. She is an educated woman and holds a Masters Degree in Psychology Education. She had been married 3 times before I met her, and I found that she had cheated on every man she had ever been with. Her third husband beat her when she lied and cheated on him. I think it was the thrill of not getting caught that made her feel alive. Like I said I fell in love with her very quickly which isn't like me, was always there for her and her children, always told her what she meant to me, but was treated very coldly most of the time I was with her and could be very vicious verbally. I finally moved out to get away from her before she destroyed me. I truly believe that she lived on the negative side of aquarius, but there were also some very good qualities that I was drawn to.

    If your aquarian man makes you feel loved, wanted, and needed all of the time then I would say that your relationship could work. On the other hand if he sometimes becomes distant, secretive, and cold towards you at various times, then I would say run for the hills.

  • On more thing. We Scorpio's are very loyal, trustworthy, and once we fall in loved and someone captures our heart, we mate for life. We just don't take being cheated on very well. I tried forgiving the woman I was with, and if she would have truely been sorry I could have eventually trusted her again. that wasn't the case though.

  • I never got that from Scorpio's as far as being loyal or trustworthy. The one's that I know are not like that. That is not how they act. Most of them are liers and sexually aggressive. Sorry

  • You missed it by one, you need someone with Pisces rising.

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