DO you think he wants to be just Platonic?

  • MY RESPONSE:'ve been talking to my crush for a while now. A couple weeks back he asked me was I single I replied " I was at the moment"he said its good I'm single then he went into A LOT of detail of why he was also single then saying at the end "When his one come by which will be soon or later he was gonna show her his love and appreciation and she would be displayed as his 8th wonder on the world then he said that I (Me) already know. Yesterday we were having a convo and I said I'm a free spirit but I'll never go against my morals then i said I caught 2 of my roomies in the act. He replied back IN EXACT WORDS by saying" I know college is fun and wild but don't forget why ur there in the first place, You have the right ideal, don't compromise your morals, but have fun also. Don't go having **** with a lot of dudes SMH. But find one you like, make em strap up and go in (we don't want nothing now). You gotta try everything at least once...Have you?"......I'm a little confuse by him and why he would say that to me, pLus I like him and I think he likes me "i responded by saying I wasnt experience(Im still a virgin) but in order for me to lose my virginity I needed 2 way love, mental stimulation and emotional attachment, I said I rather wait for the one:)...Perhaps I scared him off?

    HIS RESPONSE:my responsed to my crush via letter(Im far away at college)...he wrote me back 2 weeks later:( he usually only takes a week if that stating this:

    he stated " I take major breaks in between though, Sometimes, being I haven't been around for so long, some people I feel too disengaged; I barely have anything to say, Its sad sometimes". We must have an mutual agreement and understanding to call each other on our mistakes and faults and errors!! It is our duty as friends to correct each other and ourselves, with humility, when we are wrong!! To hold ourselves to less would be diminishing!! We would only be betraying ourselves, for we must behave in accordance with who we want to be!! In the words of Niall Ferguson,"Its NOT the fault of the mirror if it reflects our blemishes as clearly as our beauty"....WHAT IS HE SAYING?? DO YOU THINK HE WANTS TO BE JUST FRIENDS?

    Also he said:I find your vibes to be intelligible and lucid, and I always re-evaluate my assessment of your mind.because it is not often that i encounter young women who are capable of their own thoughts.

  • I feel that this relationship is draining you and will continue to drain you, even if you get what you think you want. Bear in mind, a long distance relationship is not easy at all. For that matter, what do you want? You refer to him as a crush, yet you also seem to want more from him.

    Personally, I think he's playing games. Testing the water, but isn't going to jump in any time soon. He has exerted a level of control over you, or rather you have allowed him to. You're not going to get him to come out of his shell unless you ask him directly.

    My honest advice is to give it a break. Stop talking to him for a month or two. Open up to other possibilities. Enjoy your time at college. In other words; don't put all of your eggs into one basket. If this is just a crush you will quickly get over him.

  • Weve known each other for almost 9 years. Numerous times he has indirectly asked for somthing more . One time he asked directly. I hide because I was afraid at the time . I didnt wanna lose a good friendship. Hes always there for me, and gives advice. I do fell somethings hes the controlling father time(he's a cancer)....

  • So why don't you raise the issue with him? Ask him directly for more?

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