Please Please could someone give me an analysis of this spread?

  • I did a tarot spread concentrating on a guy I like and have been casually dating, but its been going very slow with him.

    1. (Love & Me)- Nine of Pentacles

    2. (Love Situation)- Page of Swords

    3. (Love challenges)- The sun

    4. (Foundation)-Ace of Wands

    5. (Recent Past)-Five of Wands

    6. (Higher Power)-Ace of Cups

    7. (Near Future)- Nine of Cups

    8.(Blocks & Inhibitions)-Ace of Pentacles

    9. (Significant other)-Queen of Cups

    10. (Advice)-Nine of Wands

    11. Long term Potential-Six of Wands

    I will be forever greatful to you if you could help me, even if it is brief. Thankyou!!

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  • Hi k20. From what I can see it looks like : 1) You are quite a self sufficient person, capable of taking care of your own needs, you also need security in your life 2) There is certain testing going on in this situation, one of you, or both are being vigilant and analytical 3) Do not distrust good things in life, but don't be overconfident either 4) This is a new beginning/chapter in your life, if it's in an upright position it's a good one, if reversed - false start. 5) there has been some struggle, or competition in the recent past 6) Both of your feelings are true and sincere, however 7) You'll feel quite happy and accomplished in the nearest future 😎 Material side could be a problem 9) Your guy is a very sensitive person, in touch with his feminine side 10) Be strong and resourseful 11) It will be a very successful relationship on a long run.

    It all looks good, provided that all cards are in an upright position. If some are in a reversed position, they might have a different meaning. Good luck with it !

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