What makes you AWESOME?

  • Okay, so I kind of feel weird posting this, but my train of thought has been going in the positive, love yourself mode, and I had a thought of a thread where people post something that they love about themselves. I kind of think of it as a positive affirmation of one's self, something to remind people, espeically when they're feeling down or hurt, why they are beautiful, special people.

    It could be ANYTHING you like about yourself- your dimples, the way you cook, the way your eyes cheange depending on your moods, your passion for helping other people. Also, if you feel like posting something that you like about someone else, that's A-okay. The whole point is to have a positive, feel-good energy/vibe/ whatever.

    So, for myself, I actually LIKE my goofy sense of humor. My jokes aren't always zingers, and I have a tendency to have people laugh at my horrible attempt at humor rather than the weak joke, but that's fine. I know that I'm a dork, and I wear it as a badge of honor.

  • I'm a great cook, and give great advice most of the time! I don't always follow my own advice though....

  • Hmm.

    Well, I guess my personality. I have been told "Sierra, I've never met a person like you before." countless times. So I guess I have a pretty cool personality.

  • Great idea for a thread, Kaymrial ! I think I'm f....ng special all around. 😉

  • Writing comes naturally to me and I love that about myself. I touch the lives of others with my words. I can capture moments in time with my photographs and the feelings of those moments resonate from each image. I'm proud of that. I've spent my life being there for others in whatever ways I could. I don't know if that makes me awesome or crazy but those are my thoughts here to share with all of you.

  • You're all so beautiful and awesome!! 🙂

    Hmm I'm with you on that one Kaymrial!

    I'm like that too and i just love to make ppl laugh.

    Most of the time i laugh by myself and wonder why no one else laughs

    with me. I just think to myself that i'm freaking awesome XD

    I say jokes that sometimes are just so funny to me and my siblings

    just stare at me like im crazy lol "I" always make my day lol!!!

    Sometimes i just start singing out of nowhere. That make me laugh too.

    Being goofy is just awesome lol

  • Thank you for this post. It comes at a good time, because I'm a bit down right now, so I guess I qualify, lol!

    I am trained as an emergency paramedic, so what makes me awesome is that I can save lives.

    But I like it a lot better when nobody needs me. 😉

    VoplySoply, I love your reply, it made me laugh! You go, grrrl!! 🙂

  • 🙂

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