Oh, watergirl

  • so i'm still around. though in a different zipcode. one i had a few years ago, previous to my mr. aquarius-falling in love-blahh experiences. i decided to take the summer off of school and since have been just hanging out at the beach (2 blocks from my house...) and starting working waiting some tables for the summer while i am resting my brain. i have been here a whole 2 weeks, and while i was ready to go, i have just been in a state of mind i cannot even describe. my mr aquarius dreams are back with a vengence...i was hoping to have left these behind. but they have followed me, and are now more intense. why? i have been blaming it on the stress. i do not deal well with change....and i haven't been. really. i think a part of it stems from the fact that mr. aquarius has unfriended some of his (our) old friends and one of them being my ex-roommate and friend of 20 years and his friend since college. about 8 years of friendship and he has changed and doesnt want to continue that friendship. and i get blamed and punished for it? Ugggghhhhhh....it doesnt seem to get any easier. geeeeez. i really do not get it, but i hope this message finds you in a better mental state and spirits 🙂


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