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  • Hello CWB,

    I hope that you are having a lovely morning. Here are three short (interrelated) questions that I would like you to glance at - just to be clear to any other adviser who many peek at this out of curiosity, this is not an undercover jab at anyone else's skills, this is just me and my personal habit of asking many opinions before coming to a conclusion, and seeing what all readings have in common. I do this for things other than readings as well - I just do a lot of research and background searching before making a "purchase" (in the case, "accepting and working based on a certain reading).

    Now, here are the queries:

    (1) My name is Pailyn, I go by my middle name of "Nina," and I was born Sept. 4th, 1992. For quite some time now, I have been very interested in a young man by the name of Andrew ,born Sept. 12th, 1991. He lives in my neighborhood. We met at our place of education (he was in the year above me). He was dry to me at first but as we had more chance to get to know one another he began to be a bit more friendly. Now he has left to attend university and I do still see him at breaks, but the last time I saw him was when I was walking by his house and he was upfront doing yard work. He saw me and would keep on shooting sidewards glances at me, would look away when I saw him, and then would like back again, all in an awkward sort of way. The college I will be attending this coming year is his university's sister school and it is an hour away. I'm wondering what his feelings are for me and whether or not you see the possibility of a relationship for us in our future?

    (2) I'm also interested in someone whom we call "Nick." His first name is either spelled "Nicholas" or "Nicolas," I'm not sure which of the two. His dob is October 6th, 1992. We used to be polite to one another but we became closer about a month ago when we actually had a very thorough conversation and he asked me for my company to sit with him at lunch and continue our conversation about travel and music. He is in my year and will be going to college two hrs away. I'm wondering what his feelings are for me and whether or not you see a possibility of a relationship for us in our future?

    (3) You could probably have guessed this one: which one is better for me or whether or not I have a better chance (and more compatibility) with one or the other??? My personal instinct is that although my feelings for both seem to be equal right now, I actually have stronger feelings for Andrew: I've cared for him for a longer period of time. I think that the reason I suddenly feel very strongly about Nick is because I've always had some feelings for him (or perhaps simply an attraction) and suddenly he seems to be a possibility that I can consider and it's fresh and new and exciting. I feel like after a month or two my feelings for Nick will die down to what it used to be all these years (intense attraction and some feelings of affection and endearment) and my feelings for Andrew will still be the same. But you tell me: I'm just telling you what I feel within myself.

    Thank you so much if you can do a reading for me,

    Nina ❤

  • Hi Nina

    i saw u n i see it, ill return to u i promise


  • Hi Nina

    Number 1:

    I think he tries to test the waters with u since he went to college. He has changed a bit n so have u, n he wonders if ure still friends n if it given time might be more. I´d b upfront n ask him out next time u see him, like hey there´s a fair in town wanna go with me? or what u find u can ask him out to.

    Number 2:

    when a guy is into us they show it. The choise for more is up to u, but know college may change everything as u both will meet new people n chances. in end its ur choise wether guy number 1 or guy number 2, just dont play triangle bc its no fair to any of u n u could wind up loosing them all.

    Number 3:

    to do this may i ask for photos of u three?


  • Hi CWB,

    Thank you for your reading. Andrew seems very distant. The closer I get the more he pulls away.

    And I won't play triangle. I just don't know if any of them are into me so it's not a triangle yet, but if it looks like they both are I'll make my decision quickly and be loud and clear so that there are no games. I wouldn't want someone to play triangle with me so I wouldn't do it with them.

    Do you have an email that I can send the photos to? I don't really feel comfortable putting up the photos here in public...

    Thank you so much CWB!

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