Could use some input (Gemini/Aquarius)

  • I really could use a little input. I am a gemini with a cancer moon. A few years ago I met an aquarius with a virgo moon online and we have talked every day since. We discuss absolutely everything. There is such a connection between us and if I don't message him first he'll message me.

    I'm a grown woman and he makes me feel like i'm in high school all over again. I look forward to his messages, and I think about him constantly. Part of me thinks there is no way you can talk to someone as consistantly as we talk to each other and only one person have such strong feelings. He hasn't admitted much more than liking me more than average.

    It's not just an online thing, we have been together in person but due to certain reasons it's not for any long period of time. I keep reading how aquarius' are unemotional. I do know he really likes me but I am unsure if he feels as strongly as I do. If our circumstances were a little different I believe we would be a match made in heaven. Any thoughts? Is this something better left as friends or if the opportunity ever arose, would it be something worth fighting for?

    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  • I have lots of experience with Aquarians - mother,sons,relatives & 99.9% of my friends!!! (But not lovers!) I have an Aquarius moon too, Libra rising.

    I would say that they don't really show their true feelings...they bottle up their emotions to avoid getting hurt. They are extremely friendly and socialable & do make really good friends....they do tend to be a little reserved though, compared to Geminis more compulsive manner! They are also not very sensitive to people's feelings...they are less likely to fuss over you if you happen to feel down ...

    Love is a gamble - if the opportunity arose and you both are available then go for it. I've been in a similar situation with a male virgo friend....the feelings were so intense but I didn't act & we remain good friends. Still have that underlying feeling of what if on occasions....but my ex was also a virgo & after the initial attraction things turned horrid....I am now happily married to a Leo who satisfies me fully and has,and still does, make me extremely happy.

  • Thank you! My best relationship has been with a Sagittarius sun/ Aries moon. He's a wonderful man and does make me very happy but our relationship started in the bar scene and there has always been a certain connection I felt has been lacking. Maybe it's because we are such opposites I don't know. The Aquarius and I have connected by purely what we know about each other online (no drunken nights involved) and what very little we know about each other in person but something is there. Just to let you know, my sag man does know that I care about this other guy believe it or not. He just don't know that i'm feeling a little torn and confused about it. I don't want to leave him or anything but I guess I just have kind of wishful thinking and often wonder if the Aqua man is as torn as I am.

  • In that case SarahSully I would put the Aquarius down as a friend only & leave other visions in your imagination for now!!!! I wouldn't mention the Aquarian anymore to your Sag ....he may be understanding but don't push your luck!!! Well, if things do develop ...finish with your Sag fella first ...

  • Just thought ....have you met this Aquarian guy in "real" life ? Only saying because when I first split up from my ex husband years ago I met someone online that I really got on well with...we met up and yes, he was OK and yes, we got on well BUT I didn't fancy him.

    Maybe you should focus more on your Sag guy and if you are still unsure, then take a break from both...

  • DOH !!! Sorry I reread your first post...You have met !

  • lol Yeah we've met and he's just as great in person as he is any other time. I do love my sag man so much and know how good I actually have it so i'm sure i'm not going anywhere. I've always had a tendency to jump right into relationships. I've never been single and never "played the field" to see what else is out there. Just always seems i'm questioning whether things would be better elsewhere no matter how good of a relationship I am in. I'll just keep telling myself it would never work and leave well enough alone for now I guess lol.

  • . Aquarian males are not the usual kind you find anywhere. Have great personal and sexual skills but are wary of tying themselves down. I have known these men and been related to some of them. They will love you but nailing them down is not an easy thing to do. Kind of like catching snow, one minute they are in your hand then gone. All I can suggest is to play it cool, be his friend always, challenge his mind and let him know that while you care for him well life

    is short... you know what I mean. I am an Aquarius woman and I cannot figure them out beyond that point. But if he feels he can always talk to you about anything, you will have his attention.

    Keep him guessing...hey you are a Gemini that it your strong point. I just hit the jackpot with a Saggitarius man, finally one who understands me and how I think. It can happen!!

  • Thanks for replying Sukki. Well i'm not sure what I want from him really other than to know he feels the same way about me as I do him. We are both in other relationships and at the time we found each other I think we were both just needing someone to talk to. And he has told me before that I am the only one he can talk to about certain things and he is the same for me. I think we kind of fill a void for each other. I just never expected to develop the feelings I did. I have told him how I feel. I do not want him to drop his life to be with me and I do not want to drop my life to be with him. I like the way things are and want to keep them that way but inside I can't help but be afraid that I will lose everything I love about him.

    I guess I just I am just wishful thinking when I want him to tell me that I am more to him than just a friend. I want him to tell me he thinks of me as much as I do him. I want him to tell me that he has thought "what if" about he and I being a couple. Crazy I know since that's all I really want lol. Maybe it's a little selfish on my part for wanting to have more than I really need.

  • Hey Sarah,

    I seen your post and had to read it because I read some of these things I and swear it's as if people are talking about me and things I think about. I am in a similar situation. I've been with my sagittarius man for about 12 or so years now and we have kids. Things have always been pretty good for us. Even though we are opposites, we've never had to put much work into our relationship. I did meet a friend that's an aquarius, we have become really good friends and I do care about him. But, I love what I have at home and wouldn't give him up for anything. I really do have a wonderful man and he will do anything for me as I would for him.

    What I would say to you is just enjoy the friendship and let it stay at that and enjoy and appreciate what you already have. If the opportunity was to ever come and you and the aqua man wanted to give it a shot go for it but otherwise stick with the sag because from experience, you're great for each other too.

    If you don't mind me asking, how long have you and the sag man been together?

  • Hi Sara,

    When I your first post I knew right away that you were seeing the Aquarian on the side, but after reading further I realize that you really do have good intentions. Fantasy or not, beware of forebidden fruit. You could very well end up alone. Not to mention, the karmic aspect, I'm sure you're aware is not good. I could go on and on with the cliches', but I'm sure you get the point.

    With that said, I'd like to touch on some points about Aquarians. Being one myself I think I have a pretty good handle on it, lol. To say that an Aquarians are not sensitive to other's feelings could not be any further from the truth, and the truth is what you will get with us. One of the strongest characteristics of Aquarians is the ability to be empathetic to all. I will concede that we are researved with our feelings, but only to the extent of researving them for people we know we can trust. If you have bonded on the level in which you describe with this Aquarian man you have certainly earned that. Obviously, from this post you can see one of the other characteristics is to be opinionated, hee hee.

    To address the issue of there being a difference between male and female Aquarians, I really don't think there is much. Remember, we are human first. That is to say there will always be differences between men and women. This subject came up under another post, and of course it morphed into relationships. It's under Anything Goes/Being Aquarian. I put a rather lengthy comment there that you may benefit from, and I promise it's not about me 🙂

    Other than that I would urge you to enjoy your friendship with the Aquarian, but keep your feet on the ground. Not to say that fantasizing is bad, it certainly is not, just don't allow yourself to be swept away.

    Oh and by the way, I fully agree with MrChick, it serves no one to share your thoughts on this with the Sagitarius. You will only hurting his feelings. On the other hand, maybe you should discuss your feelings with the Aquarian guy. It could secure your relationships with both guys, and take the guess work out.

    Try to keep this little tidbit stashed in your mind; you cannot remain true to yourself while being untrue to someone else.

  • ive read up and down about how aquas are cold and unemotional. i say nay. theyre just more reserved and if anything, as an aqua w/ moon in virgo myself, afraid of the emotions tied to it all and just protecting ourselves. once yoy open us up though, theres A LOT of emotional depth, if it's there at all in the first place. (not every relationship has that kick we need).

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