Should I Apologize, Should I let it go, HELP- Needing Psychic Insight?

  • Hi All,

    I have a friend I think I may have hurt. Good friend, long distance, started creeping towards being closer. I freaked out, didn't realize I wasn't ready, and went way too fast with it all. I think I scared him away and myself. I ultimately asked why he was pulling away, told him to "not contact me" I needed time to get back to a friend place. Was too emotional. He said he wasn't wanting to do long distance, for my sake, thought maybe I made some of it up in my head, and that he wasn't in a good place for more. Then nothing, no contact at all now.

    A month now and I have since calmed down from my other very stressful personal and career issues. I miss him, even as friend. Just wondering if he will reach out again? Should I wait for that. I feel I owe him an apology? Do you see us returning to friends again with frequent communication? Did I hurt his feelings? Did he just move on from me completely?

    Pisces- Me

    Cancer- Him

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