Help Please....I need a kick in the pants!!!!

  • Hello all!

    This is my first post and my story is below. I am hoping a reader will see my story and provide me with much needed insight but certainly welcome all comments.

    I'm hurt and embarassed that I can't pull myself out of this jag I've fallen into. It's a pretty typical story of falling fast and hard for a gemini that I met online (we shared the same hobby). We got to know each other over a four month period (with some ups and downs) The last month was awesome and a week before we were supposed to meet for the first time he disappeared. His phone number changed, not responded to email. One day we went from I love you baby can't wait to see day poof. It's been a month since our last contact and by day three it was pretty obvious that he'd exited the relationship and I have not attempted to contact him since.

    I would be so grateful for a reading to be able to move on with my life. I think not knowing why he exited the relationship and wondering if he's coming back (and being prepared if he does) has me in this holding pattern and I am having trouble bouncing back from this break up and getting in gear for my soul mate that I know is out there.

    me: 09/09

    him: 06/04

    Thanks all!

  • Hon

    Im sorry but i feel he married someone else. Mourn what u had, heal n come to terms with it. All in ur own good time. Its permitted to mourn n feel grief even if it was online only.

    Feelings are real, allow them.

    4 me to see more i´d need name city n country preferrably photos.


  • Hi, sorry UndeniablyVirgo,

    I also pick up he was married like cwb posted, or he got caught chatting...To be sure is there another way like face book if he uses it to see if he is making contact with others...I hope you can, try and mend your heart in the process...

    Love and light


  • Thank you both for your insight. It is much appreciated. In my heart I knew it was not a good sign for our "relationship" that he disappeared. I had given this situation so much energy and now my job is to release it. Which is why I will seek no further information about him (even though my little Virgo heart wants the full autopsy) The frustrating part of this is that I thought my people picker (as the million matchmaker calls it) was a little more fine tuned!!

    I have another question if you have the time, what is in store for me in the romance department? I am wondering if love is coming anytime soon or have I still got a lot more frogs to kiss (meaning I have more work to do)?

    A million thanks, I think I can now get back to normal!!

  • What is ur rush? allow urself time to heal b4 u go look 4 another good guy.


  • Dear UV, there is no woman on the surface of the Earth who wouldn't come across few frogs in her life time, because there is plenty of frogs in the pond, of all shapes and colours. It's not a bad thing, it makes you more experienced and hopefully wiser. I'd advise you however not to take online guys too seriously until you meet them and get to know them really well. Lots of men use internet for meaningless distractions and what they say doesn't necessarily mean it's true. And lots of them are married or are in a relationship.

  • Truly CWB, I am conflicted and very impatient. I feel like such a fool for wasting my time with this guy! I'm feeling like I should have known better but on the other hand I enjoyed the relationship and I learned many wonderful and inspiring things about myself from dealing with him. As our "relationship" grew and we were deciding who would move where I was challenged to determine where a full time companion fit into my life. Prior to this "relationship" I hadn't made room and up until this point no man had inspired me to figure it out.

    I don't know if he cared about me (I felt like he did) or if was all a game to him but I look forward to experiencing that special connection (it was like nothing I've ever experienced) again (although I would like for it to be real this time) and I think that is the rush. Moving past something that wasn't real to enjoy what is real.

    Thank you again for your guidance my heart is hurting now but the truth is a healer.

  • I asked u this bc if u rushn found a guy, he´d b a rebound, n chances he´d be the one would make the rush rush rebound not pan out.

    To be the best u are u aint right now as ure hurting n u feel guilty. DONT feel guilty. We have ALL had this occurr to us at one time or another. Being it online or in real life.

    Its part of finding which man n partner is best for me.

    Now this gemini was apparently not worthy of u. Now plz b worthy to urself n slow n HEAL.

    If u aint, how can it be fair to the next one who might be urs the one?

    I feel ur stress n ur rush rush. Ill re use an analogy ive used b4 n it paints a good picture.-

    You know of the tale of the race between the hare n the tortoise right? Hare lost tortoise won. Now consider this, why did the tortoise win when all odds was in the favor of the hare? Why did the hare loose when the tortoise was the least favorite to win n had all odds against him?


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