• I've never been someone who could be considered mainstream by no means...Can any other Virgos relate to just being so hard on yourself and having such a low self esteem and constant random thoughts running thru your head that you just have no clue left what's going on???

  • I had a freind who was a virgo and he was a lovely person but he could be obssesive about me and controlling to the extent of ruining our freindship.I wish I understood him better.

  • My ex hubby was a pleasant person at times but was so controlling it made the lives of myself and our children almost unbearable and was a big part of our breakup. He was a virgo (on cusp with Leo). However, I have many other virgo friends,relations & past lovers who can be critical but not really offensively so. Sometimes I feel that virgos hate to throw caution to the wind and probably need to lighten up a little ...

  • my Virgo ex has the tendancy to control but man oh man 20 years later he can still make me laugh and all those around him while his mind buzzes off to making more money. Focused. That is my experience with Virgo.

  • I am EXACTLY the same as the original poster mentioned. I am always so hard on myself, never believing anyone when they tell me that something I did/made was good. I swear I am the queen of self-sabotage. I am trying to change that, but it isn't easy.

    I think the hardest part is when I am working on a project, and then half-way through I start to second guess myself and lose track of my original inspiration and plans. There have been times that I just give up, because I've beaten myself up so much over it that I can't see the point anymore.

    You are not alone. 🙂

  • Virgos crazy??? No way. Virgos are very grounded and wholesome. My hubby, friends, grandsons, brother and uncle are or were virgos. I cannot imagine why you would think they are crazy. My hubby has scorpio rising and moon in Gemini, the only problem I have with this man is his messiness. I like virgos very much. If you think virgos are crazy..........try an Aries! I don't understand how anyone could think an earth sign is crazy.

  • Messiness must be his Gemini moon.....I've never ever met a Virgo who is messy! My ex was really OTT on cleanliness and tidiness and I was constantly cleaning & dusting because a speck of dust would make him go beserk!! He was SO precise....shirts to be starched, sheets starched....although he did agree to forego the starched sheets as I developed an allergy to starch and ended up being spotty all over! (Not a nice sight!!!). I'm a Gem & I do like to be clean & fairly tidy....but I do have 5 kids ! My daughter is an Aries and she is crazy in a lovable way although her father & her clash & have done since her birth.

  • As a Virgo, and not particularly hellbent on Astrology or an ardent follower, I have to admit that I follow all of the above traits and most all known Virgo aspects, almost to a tee. It's uncanny. Will sometimes read a horoscope at the END of the day with the sign blocked off and sure can tell after the fact which one is Virgo and sychronistically occured that day.

    There are no coincedences. Admittedly I am a clean FREAK, home, office, car. I straighten pictures practically with a ruler (have never actually USED a ruler, so cut me some slack here 😉 and am additionally a control f*&%k to a fault. I've rationalized the former two as follows: A hotel room clean life is control out of chaos. I can't control what happens out there in the world (The Universe takes care of that karmically) but I CAN control my living environments.

    And in regards to being controlling, no one else seems to be up for the job, so I take over. If you want something done, give it to a busy person. So I am the herder, organizer, event planner, the one who makes the phone calls, there just seems to be a lot of passive action going on elsewhere. Get busy, take the reins. If you're not the lead dog, the view ain't ever going to change. Me bad? I sure hope so!

  • My husband is a Virgo and my Mother was also.

    My husband has a problem with abusive language. Not cursing so much as being insulting and critical and sarcastic or hollering.

    As a child I recall my Mom calling my

    Dad { who was a Taurus } demeaning names too.

    I am sure that all Virgos are not abusive but I am wondering if they are more prone to this than some of the other signs.

    Finally when i just had all i could take of this I told my husband that we had to get help because being a Firey Aries the only way I learned to deal with his insults and hollering was to send some right back.

    So we did go to a Marriage Counselor and since we are both Christians he suggested that we look up scriptures in the Bible that give advice on communication and also dealing with anger.

    This did help and for over a year he toned down his anger and tried to express himself civily and we have had a good measure more of peace in our home.

    Just last week though it started up again but this time he actually apoligized after speaking rudely to me and that is unusual because before he would always act like I was being overly sensitive when I would say he hurt my feelings.

    So I am still hoping we can work it out. ...

    Point is though, most Virgos I think really do need to learn that if you think you have to say what is on your mind, at least learn some tactfulness and consideration for other people's feelings.

    Aries are often a bit blunt too and i have had to learn to tone down impulsive speeking also.

    Fortunately I have mercury conjunct venus and moon in Pices that has helped me.

    My husband's Sun is in Virgo conjunct Neptune so the inspiration from scripture was a good idea for us..

  • Met Virgo recently and the man was workaholic, at the expence of his personal life. Very hard on himself, don't need no more money but work just for sake of getting more, I found it weird.

  • Okay, so here it is. Know this to be true regardless of anything you may experience with a Virgo. If you are a Virgo reading this, as am I, don't be upset with me for letting our secret out: ALL VIRGOS ARE NEUROTIC. Plain and simple. We know it, but will be damned if we let on that we know it and will make the rest of the world think it's them! If you can keep this in mind at all times, it should make it easier to deal with us. I offer this advice, just be thankful you're not a Virgo, cause, you too, could be wrapped up in this hell. I also have a Gemini Moon with Scorpio Rising. Gotta love it.

  • I have to ask this Virgos! I'm a Cancer, and supposedly based on all the charts that I've had done for me and the most AMAZING man that I have ever known (yup, he's a Virgo) he and I are a good match. My Virgo is definitely a home body, which I am also and has often surprised me by being very romantic but not to a cheesy defree per say. However, he has forever baffled me almost in a Scorpionic way, he's mysterious and doesn't display much feelings vocally but demonstrates them in a very strong yet subtle way. I am a Virgo rising so I overanalyze as much as he does I believe. But let me ask you other Virgo's. Is it common to have a lot of moodiness with Virgo's? Many a time he always seemed inpenetrable and was often described as arrogant from people who met him and took him a face value in a work setting... which his work ethic is powerfully strong and he's very private.... how can I learn to read the subtlties since that seems to be his way of communicating his feelings and how can I encourage him to open up to me verbally?

  • Wow Scorpio Rising! My Virgo has a lot of water signs in his chart too, water & earth! And you couldn't have described him any better neurotic! He is very touchy about his privacy where I am concerned and I'm always baffled by it. It feels like everything is a secret.... like I said almost Scorpionic without the intensity....

  • My virgo often will disappear for a week or two and then reappear but often acts like while he's having a time out or whatever he thinks I've been having affairs left and right.... it's almost bizarre. He used to always text me when I'd be out with m girlfriends asking if I was safe to be careful. I thought it was sweet, should I see it as otherwise? At times he's left me message that were pretty intense without yelling

  • OP, I can relate to that totally!!

  • I can relate too to the messy Virgo ... but I think this is because I have finally realised that I cannot control my environment whilst other people living in it (at least not totally!) so I have a house that has a definite 'lived in' look.

    ... and on the neurotic front, I do like my disinfectant spray and the door handles and anywhere that people put their hands get zapped, sometimes daily! (lol, I can control the bacteria!!)

  • My brother and mother are virgo's, and they are NOTHING like anyone ever describes a virgo. They are messy, lazy, and completely uninspired. My mom is totally UNDER critical of herself and has never striven to improve on any aspect of her life. My brother is the same way. He is so chill that he doesn't really care about anything. I think the only reason he's even going to attempt post secondary education is because my dad will kick his ass if he doesn't. A lot of the time, they remind me more of Libra's then virgo's. I have no idea what their charts look like, but I'm guessing it would describe their very un-virgo like behavior. Every time I read a description for virgos I wonder where my mom and brother came from.

  • VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sept 22)

    You are the logical type and hate disorder.

    This shit-picking is sickening to your friends.

    You are cold and unemotional.

    Virgos make good bus drivers and pimps.

  • I can relate to what Buterflysugar wrote. I know two Virgos that are very gifted individuals. I have the uncanny ability to attract and keep Virgo friends and acquaintances. Must be my Capricorn rising in my chart. In the long haul, Virgo's are sincere friends. You don't have to necessarily agree on everything w/them. When their in neurotic mode, best to keep your distance with a smile on your face. Humor softens their hearts always.

  • I begin dating a Virgo man in March. We swept each other off our feet. IWe spent all of our time together. Went dancing, met each other family and friends. Made plans for the future. The emotional attachment we created was awesome. Something I had never experienced before. At night when would lay beside each other just his touch would make me cry.

    However, we were unable to create that physical intimacy attachment.

    He is 60 years and I am 53. He is overweight particularly in the stomach. It really was not that important to me because I was enjoying the emotional affection and the openly affection.

    Over the weeks he became stressed about pleasing me. He told me he did show it on his face but internally he was stressing and at the same time started shutting down on me. He told me he was going to the doctor the next month(June) and would find out what the problem was and get it fixed it. He went out of town on travel for a few days and the day he came home he did not call me. The next day he told me he was depressed and needed some time alone. There was nothing I did but he had alot going on. I saw him once after that conversation and by the end of May he completely shut me out of is life. Would not accept any of my calls and would not see me. He has hurt me so badly. No explanation just pure avoidance. I am a Capricorn and the total opposite of avoidance. I have been able to see by going to his house and knocking on the door. He says I am assertive. Once I saw him I could see he was clearly depressed. He says he still loves me and things are getting better with him. Yesterday he had his doctor's appt. He did call me after wards but I missed his call. He works 14 hours days and at night. He has not called me back to let me know anything. I am ready to move on but I am a fighter and hate to give up. But I am tired. I love him even though there has been minimal physical intimacy. I believe if he would open up and talk to me I could help. We have not had a candid conversation about his problem. Just kinda talk around it. He is a man of great pride and has a problem with talking to me about it. Should I be more patient and wait for him to get well?

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