Heaven #3817 A Growing Flower of God’s Vine

  • a message from God channeled by Gloria Wendroff

    You do not make anything happen. Understand that you can call all things to you, and yet I am the Deliverer of your desires. You do call all things to you. In one way or another, you put in your order, and yet I, the Light, Energy, Love in motion, convey all to you.

    Who created the world, and Who created you, and placed you on Earth?

    I created you Vast Golden Light and put the dust of Earth at your feet. You have not become the dust. You think you have, and you couldn’t be more mistaken. Heaven on Earth does not become dust. That is a mirage.

    You are powerful, more powerful than you have any idea of, and yet I am the Doer of your will and Mine. When you hit the jackpot, know that I hit it for you. When you find your True Love, know it is I. I am the Fulfiller. You do your level best, and I fulfill. Love can do anything.

    Do not try so hard. Give and yet do not try so hard. Be easy with life. You do not have to manifest anything. I am the Manifester. You are the receiver. A receiver gives in his receiving. What is said about fertile soil? Be fertile soil, beloveds, and let Me enter your heart at Will.

    Who in the world has tamed the waves of the Ocean? Which wave of the Ocean has originated itself? Not one. And yet you are mighty. Even your wayward thoughts are mighty. Fortunately, you have a Great Friend Who is at bat for you, is in your corner, looking out for you. Through thick and thin, I, God of Your Heart, sweep you up and break all your previous records. Think of it, beloveds, you are in My hands, and My hands are Hands of Love. Yet I am not a genie in a lamp. I am far more than a genie. I am God, and I am God of All.

    And, yet, you are not putty in My hands. You have Free Will. Free Will is not all free, you understand. Along with Our contract are sidebars. Right now you can switch from one channel to another. My memory is not long. You can escape the past. You must! There is a sidebar in Our contract that says at any moment you can fulfill My dreams, which are My Will, My love for you.

    You are not a chameleon, yet you are capable of change, and change you will. You will change in your estimation. As soon as you see differently, more avenues open for you to receive. Neither receiving nor giving is meant to be a struggle. Struggle less. Receive more.

    Above all, enjoy yourself. Enjoy your Self. And give joy to all who are, after all, also your Self.

    When you struggle, you are resisting. What are you resisting? All answers will come to you. Be glad that not all your wishes are granted. Be glad. You are a vibrant growing flower of My Vine, and you keep growing higher. Is that not a wonderful thing? You do not have to stay the same. You can plunge forward. You are plunging forward. Now just dive easily into the world of love and come up smiling.

    Desire anew. When you were a child, you desired childish things.

    Now that you are entering My Court of Love, won’t you desire greater? You who are greater desire greater. Allow yourself to desire all that is My desire for you. Expand your horizons. There is plenty of room at the top.

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