Anyone want to get out an issue just chat about relations welocme:)

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  • Dear Mardepp,

    Thanks for your reply. It has helped me to express the disappointment and sadness I feel in my heart and soul because my husband couldn't step up to the plate to face his responsibilities as a spouse.

    I thought he would understand me since we both loss our spouses that we truly loved at one time.

    I did see some red flags but I thought they could be worked out. It seems that I was wrong.

    The energy of the universe must be telling me to move on but I find that hard to do.

    It is said that if it is true love and you let it go it will return to you.

    I am still weighing the consequences and I should give him a chance to rectify this situation with me.

    Pass the kleenex box,


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  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Mardepp,

    The last time I checked he was still down South. I don't know if I can forgive him . I think the anger and resentment is starting to build inside me. I feel that I am in the middle of a sad Shakespean tradegy. I thought he would bring me happiness after my deceased husband had passed away.

    It is hard to look in the mirror and face these truths about a person.


  • Dear Mardepp,

    I am trying to stay positive and give this marriage another chance but it is very hard to put my shield down. In the meantime, I have run into some complications and need to be seen by my physician.

    This means that my trip will be postpone. I am very anxious to return to my home to set things straight with my husband.

    Please send my positive energy so I can return to a renewed relationship.


  • Hi all ,

    This thread is very intersting i to have had problems in the past with my marriage ,my husband checked out on me emotionally i thought it was all my fault that id done something wrong but he was having problems at his job he just shut completley down on me we have slowly put this behind us now but it was very hard for me as we were in a relationship were nothing was happening no conversation he would talk to our kids but never hardly said a word to me it was like living with a stranger and the more i tryed to talk to him the more he shut me out it was a horrible time .

    Im sorry to hear that you have run into some complications Rooster 5 i can inderstand you wanting to see your husband staightway but you like i said on the other thread you need some you time time to heal to regain your strength , im so sorry that hes treating you this way when you are ill its not good so do you really think its worth risking your health and going to see him to soon ? If its going to be upsetting for you i would hang back and see what happens as ive read in your previous post here that you have been with him for only a short time i assuming that you dont have any children together , take your time to think and get back on your feet even if its only a couple of days to clear your head and think about what you really want from this relationship .

    My heart is with you

    Love and light 2 all Loap:)

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  • You did say "i thought he would bring me happiness", there is the big problem, the marraige was under false security. No one can bring you that, its your self and inside of you that has to attain that first. I dont know his side of the story here. I cannot make a judgment that is fair and in Justice until both sides speak. It takes two to tango. I have faith youll get through the surgery. I was on a military base alone in a very cold attitude conditions, no phone internet family or friends when I got ill, you can get through this. It happens to all. Forgivness helps set us free and it removes negetive energy. It strengthens you to forgive and understand. Its too soon to Judge yet until you meet face to face and speak. I wish the best.

  • Dear Rapunzle444,

    Thanks for your kind words to me. But my husband and I had loss our spouses in death. He had gone through this years ago with his first wife. I thought he would help me through this time since he had experienced a loss.

    I am willing to give it a chance but in the meantime I see that he has more skeletons dropping out of the closets.

    I guess I am putting them in a pile. It is hard to forgive when the pile is getting bigger and bigger.

    I guess I am like Dorothy with the red slippers from the 'Wizard of Oz'...I just want to go home.


  • I hear ya. I was stuck against my will in military barrack ill and still recovering from surgery. They wouldnt let me go, use phone or internet no fami...stuck there for two months. Worrying wont help. Heal and be prepared to face truth when you go home. Be ready string and healed.:)

  • Yes i totally agree with you Rapunzel 444 Heal and be prepared i couldnt have said it better ,

    I wish i had done things differently im my situation instead of charging at my husband like a wounded bull which made him pull even further away from me not saying thats what rooster 5 is going to do but its what ive learnt from past experience the more eager i was in pressing him for answers trying to get him to open up the more he clammed up on me .

    Love and light 2 all Loap 🙂

  • Dear Livingonaprayer and Rapunzle444,

    Today I had my prayer answered and at least we are talking to each other. We both are putting our shields down and our true feelings are being expresses that we indeed do love each other.

    Thank you for your just might have saved us from being in divorce court.


  • Indeed, part of it is the need and dependence upon relationships. If we enter them and maintain them with a self security and content we do not force, push for answers, worry about ahead; we take it one day at a time, percieve situations rationaly, carry balanced energy and maintain harmony by going with the flow.

  • Never jumping to conclusions based of your thinking from running emotions, imbalanced emotions will cause you to have imbalanced and unrational thinking which negetivly effects the way your poercieve another or a situation then causeing anxiety and making irrational Judgments, then acting upon them and worsening the situation and the cycle repeats....

  • Very True Rapunzel 444 i have done this on many occasions now i wish i would have just hung back for a while to gather my thoughts and faced my husabnd cool, calm and collected but its hard when your feeling hurt and vulnerable all i wanted to do was find out why this was happening i was looking for answers as to why he was acting this way towards me and the more he wouldnt open up the more i persisted it wasa power struggle that in the end just kept pushing us further apart it was when i stopped persisting and went about my own life that he slowly started to come back to me .

  • Thats great news Rooster 5 im so happy for you i pray it all works out

    Love and Light Loap:)

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  • Divine light to all:)

  • Hello All, sorry about not responding for a few days. It's been a little crazy...

    So my Gemini and I had this huge talk. I finally pretty much blew up at him and told him how I felt and how hurt I was. he said he never meant to push me so fast and that he wish he had given us the chance we deserved. he said that it was his fault that he didn't nurture what he had and that he wished he didn't just give up so easily on us. unfortunately, he also told me that because of his job opportunities lined up, and the uncertainty of where he might be moving, he didn't want to start anything up with me again in fear of hurting me again. I think he genuinely meant it and he wasn't just trying to play me off. I told him that it was his choice, but I wouldn't wait around forever.

    I just wish this wasn't so hard...

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