Anyone want to get out an issue just chat about relations welocme:)

  • Dear Scorpvirgo,

    I can understand and identify with your issues. I am in the same situation but I am committed in a marriage.

    I am fighting the same fears but I am trying to take it slowly like Mardepp and Livingonaprayer has guided me.


  • I am a Libra and my Scorpio boyfriend broke up with me a few days ago, citing that we were not intimate enough but insisting that we should be friends. I am at a complete loss because it seemed to come from nowhere and he went out of his way to put his relationship status as "In a relationship with (me) and it's complicated." If he really wanted it to be over, I feel like he would have just put "Single." Also, when I asked him if he was sure he wanted to break up, he said, "I don't know."

    It's now been almost four days since we last talked. He told me he needed some time to think and that he would text me, but he hasn't. I'm just giving him his space right now.

    Any suggestions on possibly making him understand how much I'm hurting and any tips for reconciling and fixing our relationship?

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  • Thank you for the reply, aquarium. His birthdate is November 17, 1988.

  • Dear Mardepp and Livingonaprayer,

    I cried my eyes out last night. I have been recovering from surgery since last week. My husband has decided that he wants a divorce without even addrssing the issue. In the conversation he has placed all the blame on me.He tells me that he wanted someonelse and has had an affair since I had my surgery.

    I can't cry no more and my pain in my heart has mulitplied. Just because I have loved him more than he has loved me.

    My life is shattered once again. I need all the prayers and hugs to get over this hurddle.


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  • Dear Mardepp,

    I think I am in shock myself. I still pinch my arms to see if I have any sensation left. I haven't seen my husband in two months. It has been less than a week when he informed that he wanted a divorce and I found out that there was an affair going on since the end of May.

    I need to find peace within myself during this time. I have so muxh resentment and anger within the walls of my internal spirit. If surgery was bad enough now I have to deal with the issue of divorce with all it legal ramifications. I also am facing another surgery without my husband by my side in three weeks resulting from my recent surgery.

    It sadden me that I loved him more than he loved me. It is not cool when you love someone and they don't love you back. This is most certainly like a death...

    I physically miss the everyday routine at my home in the waking up to the sunshine peering through the diningroom's french doors, the smell of the Magnolia trees, and the puffy white clouds that roll across the blue sky.

    I miss waking up next to my husband, I miss the kiss from his lips and embrace of his arms

    around me assuring me everything is right with the world.

    My life and world is shattered.I am so fragile. I must pick up the broken pieces of my life without my husband. Yes, at times I feel that I want to leave this painful time in my life and search for the comforting arms of God.

    I am fortunate that my older sister doesn't live too far from me. I am living with my daughter in my house in the North. I have a few friends that surround me during this emotional time.

    I am like Dorothy and her red slippers from the ' Wizard of Oz ' and if I click my heels three times then everything will return to the times before my surgery.

    I guess I should be grateful for the blessings God has given me...such as no signs of cancer in my body after the surgery, my home in the South, and the time I did have with my husband

    before my surgery.

    I still ask myself '"Why does it have to be this way?" Just like you my questions will never be answered.

    I am in a state of mind that I must move on without my husband and not of my own accord...this is similar to the death of my first husband that occurred two years ago.

    I am crying for the loss of my life's marriage, my husband, my life as I once knew it.

    I realize now that I must travel this journey and down this winding road by myself.


  • We all have to learn to find security alone, the longer you wait the older you will be to get your time. It happens to all. I lived alone at 15 and still do and I am 25. It takes much time but in the long run I keep relationships and have less turmoils. As you get he self peace you can draw in better peole and opportunities and gain a relationship that wilkl last. Its your time now to do it or it will keep happening this same cycle. Break the cycle. You are alive and alert, thtas a blessing. The universe has a unique way of disciplining us so we can learn from the lesson and break free of the cycle. Its a blessing in disguise.

  • little libran. A birthdate is not going to tell you what he wants to become or if he is ready or knowing of what he wants. Many who are insecure alone jump onto relationships to have fullfillment and then back out because it was going in for insecure reasons. You cant tdo anything to his willl. You can be the best you can be and focus on building your own life and move ahead. Using your emotions and hurt is not the right thing to get him to reconcile honeslty. If he doesn not acknowledge it he is not worth it but part of it is your doing as well. What may he be feeling too?

  • Dear Rooster 5 my heart is with you im so sorry .

    Sending you lots of love and hugs


  • I'm sorry to ask this question in the midst of people struggling with real heartbreak. I was wondering if everyone destined to have a kindred spirit (I think this is the right term for love of my life) in their life? I thought I'd encountered mine, I'd never felt that way about a guy but clearly he was not. I decided to arrange a friends with benefits situation while waiting for Mr. Kindred Spirit and managed to fail at that also.

    I'm quickly coming to the conclusion that it just doesn't happen for everyone. Is this accurate?

  • UndeniablyVirgo, you can only say that someone is love of your life after spending a lifetime of overall good relationship with him/her. Otherwise it's no more than a flame, crash, obcession - call it whatever you want. No, it doesn't happen to everyone, because lots of people mistake rush of adrenalin for the soulmateship.

  • Dear Rooster, your story is shocking indeed. However you just have to gather all the strength after grieving, and LIVE HAPPILY despite of him, or even just to spite him. A fighting spirit is what you need now. I recommend you to express anger as much as you can. Don't supress it. Cancer is essencially an illness of anger turned inwards, so get it all out, don't create any more of it. Hit the pillows with his photo on it, shout in the car, do whatever you need to get all the resentment out. Start dating online while you are going through the divorse - just for the fun of it, but don't take it seriously. Put yourself first now, please yourself in every possible way, and fight back. Give him as difficult divorce as he can get. Refuse being a victim, and refuse thinking of yourself as one. Bless you !

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  • Rooster5,

    First and formost, may the love from those around you and here be manifest in your sight and heart for you. May the love of your children sustain you, and their deep love ease the pain of your emotional suffering.

    May you have peace in knowing that you are a more advanced and loving soul than your husband.

    Your value is greater than he can even imagine, because he is stuck in a time warp where honesty and goodness do not reside.

    Please allow you to love yourself through all of this, knowing you are a blessed child of God, and worthy of being loved, even as you are now in this moment.

    Let the angels please heal your body and spirit and bring you peace.

    The love you so richly deserve is front of you. Look into the eyes of your children, and know you are blessed.

    In the very moment, you must strengthen yourself to take care of legal matters and make sure he cannot touch anything that belongs to you and your children.

    You are not alone.

  • Undeniably Virgo,

    You are much too sensitive and deep to put yourself in a shallow friends with benefits relationship.

    Only someone with your same depth will be able to give you a fulfilling loving relationship.

    Kindred spirits do exist, soul sparks Ive heard them called. They come in the form of friendships and for those who choose, in monogamous deeply committed relationships.

    Look for this person in activities which are involved in spiritual development, for the desire to advance spiritually will be a compatible trademark.

    You are aware of your own spirituality...when you have an interest in someone...look for similar values and goals on the pathway of life that you yourself possess.

    Love and peace be with you.

  • Hi Im jose. Im in love with a cancerian girl for the past 1.5 years . Over the past 6 months we are having troubled times. We are off different religion and age difference and there is huge pressure on her to get married as she is already 30. Her parents dont know about me and will not accept me as I am of a different religion. However having said that , she has also started to become aloof and there have been times that she has been only talking of her issues and that made me irritated and we had ended up in a fight. Our intimacy too has come to a full stop now. I am so in love with her that once I told her that I willing to forego this relationship if she found happiness somewhere else for her parents sake as that was the only way to forget her and move on. While she has not agreed to it and says that its not the way to do it but also says that I have to come out of it and move on but in a slow manner. Im confused now on what to do as she wants me to be there but also says that she cant get married to me due to the issues mentioned above. Her interaction with me on a day to day basis too has come down and we dont see each other quite often as we do earlier. Also, i get one sms or two late at nights when im asleep and makes me wonder why someone has become so busy when they can interact during the day.. Im not sure on what to do.. there is not a minute that I dont think of her but I feel the other way from her behaviour.. i think she has already moved on but wants me to be there to hear her issues ... what do I do ?

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  • Dear Voply Soply,

    Thank you for giving me your shoulder to cry one, the spiritual hugs and understanding my heart pain.

    Through all that has happened I don't know if I have the strength to stand up for me. I will need to get my things from our home in the South. I will have to face him. I will ask why and receive no answer from him.

    I have cried my last cry, clench my heart until it aches, and wonder why me to the universe. Why did this happened to me? What purpose did this serve the universe. Why did the universe let this happen to me? The pain is more than what I have experienced in childbirth.

    It is difficult to understand and manage the concept that I have loved someone so much more than life itself.

    I ask for the hugs, shoulder to cry on and the support from you so I can finish my journey through the universe.


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