Anyone want to get out an issue just chat about relations welocme:)

  • Aquarium

    His Mars is in Virgo, if that's any help?

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  • Arquaritum

    Thank you, i agree with that, but things have now gone to stale mate.. we met again and he want sex.. and i just couldn't go there wholeheartedly as you cant sweep all he said under the carpet, act like nothings happen. He texted the next day and said he felt something was off well duh, i said it felt like that because of every thing, i didn't enjoy, so basically called it a day.. im sad but think in a way for the best at the moment.

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  • Hi aquarium,

    Thank you, i looked up oxytocin, and sent him him what it said.

    He always make a convincing argument, and i do get him now. Im going to send a email on just state how i felt on things and have kept in mind be matter of fact , so he see that if he hadn't made promises like go out for the day, see his son pic , that i wouldn't have expected to much cause i did apparently. If he had met for a coffee after i said no sex then we could have talked about what we both really want, we wouldn't run of bad on the texting and getting things wrong and arguing threw text that's not norm communication.

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  • Hi Aquarium, this to explain things a bit more OK

    then he throws me a texts asking if i can keep a secret.. i said yes, he said , you know i said i was fine, well im not, im dying, i have eight years max, The walls of my internal organs are wasting away and will rupture one day, not congruous don't worry.. i know that bit,,there it out don't want to talk about it. i know about medical things so i asked my friend as i thought she said if wasting would last eight years also organs fail not waste away.. why all this since i said no to **** and the Dom/sub role.. i sorry but all to much especially since he couldn't remember what it is what he got by medical terms.

    So know we at again the emotionality goodbye see yah, because i didn't think when forward my friends text to him, now its over, he said i let him down on the trust and i said just ask friends view.. thought im not doing this any more.

  • I have sent two emails, first expressing my feelings and views, on our relationship and how he could have helped it and given me peace of mind.

    His replies was, he's not met anyone else, and that he wants to be free to go back to oz next year once sorted his affairs out, to live his last years, so people remember him how he was, wished me luck and hope i meet someone who be around for a long time.

    The second one was around his illness, i stated that i didn't want to believe he was lying but what he texted just didn't make seance and not viable.e,. It would be very lonely and what about his young son, could he just go off and leave him not knowing the truth.

    His replied

    Im done with this, the meds are making me feel so sick, im now going to oz in December, I have told my son that i love him and i be going away for a long time. This be last time i contact you, i wish you every happiness in your life luv s x. please understand .

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