Name change - compound number vs. total number question

  • Hello. I will be going through a change of name and I don't wish to make any mistakes. I understand that the final single digit number is how you are perceived by others and the compound number is a look deeper inside of you and what makes you tick and may foreshadow destiny somewhat. Is this correct?

    What happens if after adding all of your names together (first, middle, last name), they come up with a very nice positive number, but individually they aren't so great? Which wins out? The single digit total or the indivdual compound numbers for each name?

    For example:

    First name = positive number

    Middle name = positive number

    Double barrel surname 1 = negative number

    Double barrel surname 2 = semi-positive to positive number

    Total number of all of the above names = favourable positive number

    Total number of all of the above names minus middle name as it's not used in daily life = favourable positive number.

    In this case would I need to worry that the first part of my double barrel surname is negative? Will the fact that when I sum all of my names together they are very positive including both the compound and the final reduced digit protect me from my rather negative double barrel surname? Or do I really need to change it?

    Please advise. I'm so confused in this.

    Also, how does one figure out if a number goes well with their birthday number?

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