Pisces Mates

  • I've read that Pisces perfect mate was Scorpios. I do not know any Scorpios or I do not think so. I love scorpions though (yes the animals) those evil little monsters. Then iread that cancer was. Then I came across this website. Check it out it explains the relationships between Pisces and other signs as well as with another Pisces, well romantic relationships.


  • Hm. I dated a Scorpio man this past summer... awful. He was totally a blank slate. I usually get a reading on people (do they like me, are they nice, their character, their insecurities) and I got NOTHING from him. Nothing at all. We would sometimes spend long hours not really doing anything... just sitting there... in uncomfortable silence. If it weren't for the occasional comment, hidden intelligence and painful down-cutting that he let out, I wouldn't know if there was anything inside. He would make cruel comments (just stupidly cruel, like make fun of my height... I'm 5'3") but always want to hang out. And because I was lonely, I did. I still have no idea what he wanted! He didn't really want sex, didn't seem to even like me, seemed like he thought he was superior to me... Ugh... What an experience.

  • If you have come across a Scorpio that you feel is dull and unimaginative, perhaps its because of the company they were in at the time. We have a lot of good traits that would be suitable for most Zodiac signs. We can easily adapt to any environment, any situation, after all, we are both water and land sign. The only time we are "cruel and issue pain" is only when we are provoked. We are actually a very peace loving sign. We cater to those we love and care about. I for one feel I am neither better or worse than anyone else out there in the world. So please, do not group the entire sign as a bad one, after all, you wouldn't appreciate a remark about all women being stupid, now would you?

  • hmmm well, one of the best sex partners I ever had was a Scorpio dated him for almost 2 years before we married in March before my 23 birthday it lasted for 30 days then left due to his insecurities, hot romance but the rest was to much drama. 20 +years later have never looked back or dated another scorpio

  • Don't know about the compatibility between me (a Pisces) and Scorpios or Cancers. They don't work for me, personally. But they seem to be working for others. We're too shy and reluctant to talk to each other. And even when we do, it takes an arm and a leg to really open up and confide. I find I'm best suited with the most rebellious ones. Like my 2 best friends, one is a Sagittarius, the other is a Taurus. Pisces, I get along great with, because we love to 'dwell in the other realm' as one put it LOL. so true! The one and only Scorp I really liked turned out to be....a not so nice guy. I mean he was nice to me but a jerk to everyone else and eventually he just did stupid things, I thought it was my fault, but I didn't do anything wrong to him, didn't provoke him. So, couldn't understand what his problem was.....I will NEVER get involved with a Scorpio, that one dude just ruined it for me. Plus there are other Scorpio guys I'd come across who pretty much rubbed me up the wrong way.

    Cancers, the one guy I was close to, we don't speak anymore. He's another one, nice to me but cruel to everybody else. I don't trust him and I know he doesn't trust me.

    So, I'm with Judgmental.....I'm a fish who just isn't compatible with the other water signs. Or the people I've come across who were under those signs.

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