Any hope for a Capricorn and stubborn Taurus???

  • Hi.. I need a little help / foresight please. I had been in a relationship with a taurus man (5/18/1983 him 12/29/1982 me) for about 2 years..things were great in the beginning but we did have our differences and split up. We remained on good terms and still talk .... I would like to give the relationship another try ( we have been split up for a year now), and I think he would too...only he has a very hard time expressing his emotions. Any insight you can give would be so very appreciated! Is there a chance for a happily ever after? or should i be happy with staying friends? Thank you so much 😄

  • This works fairly well as a love affair but is much more difficult for marriage or the long term. Your love affair can be physically satisfying, sympathetic and supportive. This intimate relationship emphasizes privacy and discretion, isolating itself from the scrutiny of society. Its reclusivesness is not necessarily comfortable for either of you, however, since you both need to be involved in the world. But the love affair can work if you two are so outwardly directed outside the relationship that being alone becomes a kind of peaceful haven, a retreat for spirituality and renewal. Problems can arise if you come to symbolize to your partner the kind of repressive force that inevitably arouses his rebellion. Blaming and guilt trips can make things even more difficult. You need understanding however and your tendency to get bottled up inside may find relief in the arms of your nonjudgmental partner. Should he finally decide to pull out, though, you will be left grieving over the loss of the relationship more than he will.

  • Thank you Captain for your insight into the relationship.. which is entirely true. We did so well in the short term but in the long term was where we were failing. I'm a capricorn with a cancer rising and a gemini moon... seems like I can never figure out what I want and my relationships always suffer lol

  • What you really want is to be in control of every area of your life all the time and you need to think you have the power to succeed. To do this, you have to stay in touch with your feelings and insecurities and share the truth about yourself with others. You have a sweet, sensitive and loving side which you don't always show. Acknowledging your insecurities will give you a stable base from which to create success in the outer world, for you will no longer be fighting yourself by trying to hide or suppress your feelings. You must probe deeply into your desperation to be self-reliant and be considered successful, to the point where you may push away the very people who can comfort you. You might also have some deeply ingrained beliefs about male/female issues concerning who gets to be on top that might make it hard for you to be trusting and vulnerable with a man. You can be wound pretty tight sometimes so you have to learn to relax and let go. It's all right to let someone else take charge for a while.

  • I have the hardest time showing my insecurities because I AM so sensitive.. At the slightest criticism I tend to get defensive. I am attracted to people I feel 'need' me in some way. The ones that need to be guided or loved or helped in some way. Problem with this is that I'm essentailly attracted to people who are not already whole... then either the time comes that they no longer need me or i grow resentful of the fact that i have taken on the leader role again. I feel like I need to be in control of every aspect of my life but at the same time I hate it. I want to be vulnerable but I haven't found someone I can trust enough to be vulnerable terrifies me.

  • You see the vicious circle you are caught up in - you need to show your trust and vulnerability but can't do it unless you trust someone. You need to break out of this emotional trap - you have to trust yourself that you are strong enough to show your vulnerablities to others and survive it. You need to satisfy your need to be needed through some volunteer or charity work or other type of social assistance rather than through your personal life, because needy people are not stable enough to be as trustworthy as you require.

  • My advice [being a Taurus women] would be, most Taurus are protective of themselfs they want what they want which comes off as very needy. If you really want to be with this Taurus man you may have to cater to his wants and needs but once you have him he will become protective of you and wouldnt want to be without you!! Hope this helps:))

  • Thank you LadyE does help give some insight into his mindset 🙂 I'll try to keep an open mind and see things from his perspective also .

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