Growing God - Changing the Future

  • a message from The Group channeled by Steve Rother

    Greetings from Home

    Changing the Future

    Know that much of your own structure has been changing. Today we wish to share with you more ideas about what is happening to the human body, for the giant leaps you are now making are changing your vibrational range very radically. The path of evolution typically moves forward very, very slowly and as it reaches the end it takes some rather drastic upturns. Those who work in the light are on the express path.

    It was only a short time ago that we walked you through the different stages until 12/12/12, but events have sped up quickly so we are already working beyond that. We are already starting to share with you what will be necessary to walk into this new energy and create it in the way you had hoped. To create the energy so that it can support not only your current physical being, but your new energetics. The new capabilities are reaching well beyond your own physical being and energetic structure. You have worked very hard to start releasing the human template you have carried. Many have done it consciously, some have done it unconsciously, and others are still hanging onto their templates. There is no race, for this is not to see who can do this the fastest. Let us now tell you what is next, because we have been a little vague about that part.

    Loosening the Reigns

    We have told you that it is very important for you to start releasing this energetic structure which has housed your energy in the physical body. Even if you do not release the template, you are now aware of it. Each one of you have chosen a very specific body almost like your own house, you dressed it up the way you like and make it work the way you want it to. You made this body your own. The body also carries with it this energetic template that holds the energy within a certain framework and interacts in ways in which you, as humans, are very comfortable. As you start releasing this template, you have many concerns because the container is what actually gives you form, or so you believe. In other words, if you have a glass of water and all of a sudden the glass disappears, you would have water all over the floor where it would assume its own form rather than hold the form of the glass. A similar situation is happening with each one of you. Now your minds are whirling, as you envision your brains spilling out onto the floor. This is so cute…we think that is very amazing the way you think. What is happening is that you are taking the boundaries off of your expectations. You are starting to release the expectations of what your body was supposed to do, for now there are possibilities to reach far beyond what you had every dreamed of. It will simply take a new thought or idea a new piece of the puzzle that can spread throughout all humanity, showing what it looks like and how you can create something consciously.

    The first step is releasing the outer shell; releasing the idea that you even need an outer shell. The second step is getting used to the new connections that you have with people. You have all wanted these deep connections, this instantaneous contact where suddenly you can reach a level of communication with a person very quickly. That is what is possible now that you are releasing these templates. In the very beginning there is fear, because things are different. You will feel more because all of your filters are in the template; these are the places where you have learned to protect yourself from incoming energy. All of a sudden you feel the incoming energy and think, “Oh, I need the template back. I need to protect myself!” You suddenly realize it is energy -- good energy -- because all energy is good and there is no such thing as bad energy.

    So, we start to bring the energy through and feel it, acclimate to it and begin to understand that this is the way we were actually meant to be. Is it a change? Yes, it is. Is there an adjustment period? Yes, there is. What is happening, and what does it mean? What is the purpose of this and more importantly, what is next? That is what we wish to share with you today. We resist calling it a new template, because your concept of what you have used before in the body templates has given you a form. They have given you a way of expressing your energy as a spirit through a human body and it has worked quite well. It will continue to work even when you remove the templates, but what will happen is that you will not have the restrictions you have had before.

    Perception Loop

    The templates put your boundaries in place and you knew where you were supposed to be. So, some of this will be challenging for you in the very beginning when you first make this step outside of your template. You start to feel things intensely. Then, the first thing that happens when you start to feel is that you think that you should not be feeling this much. You say to yourself, “I have never felt this before so something must be wrong.” This is where we ask you to use your consciousness and your thought processes. Become aware, but do not try to control it because we know that will not work. We ask you to simply become aware of what is going through your head. Pay attention every moment to your reactions and thoughts about a subject. In this particular event, your thoughts about your own human body are creating the new energetic structures that are replacing your templates. When you feel energy coming in very strongly you think that something is wrong, but that is not right. You create exactly what you fear, so you make the difficulty of releasing this template much more difficult and lengthier than it needs to be. What we are asking you to do is to relax. Know that it is not a race. No one has to release a template. You are not a low vibrational being if you are still carrying your template; it just simply means that you have not yet reached that level of discomfort where you will release it. There is no race here and no need for you to compete with yourselves. Take your time and relax.

    Pineal Tuning

    Let us tell you more about something that is taking place that is very exciting. We spoke about the pineal gland and have talked about the fact that between 80-90% of all humans have crystals that have formed around their pineal glands. We have talked about that crystallization, even though it is a temporary process, is actually leading humanity into a crystalline structure. As you release these templates, it starts to form the new crystalline structure throughout the body. The pineal gland, which can be thought of as your antenna, has been leading the way for many reasons. You are now receiving information through it that you have no clue about, because you have not learned to tune your radio. You are getting all of these things at once and it sounds a lot like white noise, but very soon you will learn to tune to a specific vibrational range. All of these things are possible due to the fact that you are releasing these outside shells. You are releasing the filters that kept you from feeling in the first place.

    What happens when you remove your form? Do you fall on the ground as does the glass of water without a container? No, you form your true nature. Now what will take place is the love in your being will create a new energetic structure that will help to control your body, and help to form the new energetic structures to house a new body. This is all taking place very rapidly over the next 50 to100 years for all of humanity. It is also happening to those of you who choose to do it early, those of you who wish to take that step and move forward. Again, there is no race; there is no need to release your human template. It is simply one of the many things that you, as Lightworkers, have jumped in to do. You are here, waiting for that next step. You are here to experience many of these things and even though we tell you that you do not need to do it, most of you will jump right in and do it anyway. Why? Because you are the ones who have agreed to be here to try it first, to open the door and hold it open for all those behind you. When you think about those who have left, those who have stepped aside so that you could be here in the seat you are in right now, know that they are cheering you on. They are so proud of you for the work and energy that you now carry here on Earth. They are with you. They are your supporting team and they will help you to create much of this energy that you are stepping into.

    Creators in Hiding

    What we ask that as you move into these new energetics, write down your experiences with them. Find out what is taking place even though you think it is strange, for what happens with all humans is very similar. You find something new, such as something happening in your body, and the first thing you do is to look for something out there that matches what you have experienced. What we are telling you is that there may not be any experiences out there for much of what you are going through. To help those who will come after you, document what is happening. Talk about it, write it down, and share it. By doing so, you start a collective consciousness change showing that there is a way, it is possible for change to ripple through all of humanity beginning with one single thought. Once that thought is planted then grows, you all gather around it and create exactly what that thought is. Interesting process. We did not think of it that way, but you sure did. A lot of what you have happening has been to hide from yourself that you are god – to hide that you are actually creating what you see in front of you. Why? That is the biggest question. Why would god play a game in such a way? Why would god play hide and seek with himself/herself?

    Growing God

    The simple reason is that god, too, is evolving. You think of yourselves or your image of god or the higher being as a stationary object, and we tell you it is not. You are growing god right now in this room. That is why you came in early to push the boundaries, and part of the reason you are here. All of the information that you collect in your beautiful journey in these physical bodies is used to evolve god, to grow god, if you will. The collective vibration of all of you makes up that energy that you refer to as god, as that anchor. You have much more of an effect than you will ever know, because part of it will always be hidden from you. It is the way that you have designed your energetic structures for this journey. You can hear these ideas and become empowered by many of the thoughts or energy around you, yet to take it out there and use it is an evolutionary process. It is done day after day after day and it is done on an individual basis, so we ask you to document your changes. Share things that are taking place with you. Many of you have a story to tell that you are not even aware of at this moment, but it will become clear very soon.

    Earlier in this broadcast…someone asked about the people that stayed behind for you to come to Earth. We are so proud of you! You have no idea how proud you are making them even in your mistakes, even when you feel alone, lost or in pain, somehow you think it is your fault. Dear ones, you are here partly to feel pain, for pain is where much of your beauty comes from. Do not judge it as good or bad. Just walk through the experience as a proud spirit wearing a physical, human body. But know that every time you smile, that spirit leaks out a little bit. You change the person you smile at, the person who receives your light, because you remind them of Home and of a part of themselves. That is what you are here to do. It is why god pretended to be separate from himself/herself; that is what this explosion is all about. God is growing and you are the gardeners. You are doing a marvelous job. Keep up the exceptional work.

    Know that we are with you all the time. Think and we are on your shoulders. Ask and you will have an answer. You still have to decide if that answer fits you, but we tell you that you have a very direct connection with each and every one. We are in your hearts and you are in ours. We thank you for that.

    It is with the greatest of honor that we leave you with three little reminders.

    Treat each other with the greatest of respect.

    Nurture one another every chance you get.

    Play well together.


    The group(You can also watch the video version of this channeling here)

    Copyright 2000 - 2011 Lightworker.

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