Are we on the right track now?

  • Lost my old Job some time back.., and we had another "opportunity" come up,. I asked here about it about a year ago, and was told,(Captain I believe did us) it wouldn't pan out. Well, you were right, it didn't! Well, we've kind of returned to something we were into before... and like the last thing, "opportunity" is now here.... but, will THIS one blossom and take off for us, in the fashion we hope it will?? Hank

  • Hankster58, I do believe you have great ideas but you may not always have the ability or knowledge to put them into practical practice. I feel someone new is needed to advise you on how to proceed with your plans, someone who is honest and reliable and who will tell you exactly where and why you are going wrong. Someone who knows the present market and trends. You have not always had good advice in the past.

  • I find your answer Fascinating! The reason?? You're right on the money! We're in the "equestrian world" here... but THIS TIME, we're in a different area then we used to be... and, as you said, the folks we "used to" be working with, the deals always never seemed to materialize as expected..... NOW, we are with a new and totally different group of people, ones who actually seeked US out. The one Gal has become a "mentor" for my wife in this, and just last night, she got involved with yet another person (several actually) from the same organization, and things look very positive with this new group. And Tina's JOB, is to do, EXACTLY what you just said....

    ""someone new is needed to advise you on how to proceed with your plans, someone who is honest and reliable and who will tell you exactly where and why you are going wrong.""

    That is her specific job, schooling associates, and making sure they succeed. So, I take it from all this, as you saw it, we ARE on the right track this time! Thanks, and, any other insights that may be helpful?? Thanks, again...

  • Yes, you are on the right track with this woman but remember also to use your own knowledge and intuition to remain in charge. Heed her advice but don't give up all your power. If you really feel something is wrong, don't do it. Trust your gut instincts and believe in yourself.

  • I feel you are detecting a bit of "negativity" ?? I'm curious as to what you see here. There is a distinct reason I'm asking. Elaborate a bit, if you are able. Then I'll fill you in, exactly as to why I'm asking. This may be important. Thanks for your help and insights....

  • Not negativity so much as I feel she has a tendency to 'railroad' people or get so enthusiastic that she becomes convinced of her own infallibility. This woman will help you but you must remember that you are the boss and, in the end, all final decisions are yours.

  • Very good, thanks! The reason, I asked more?? There are TWO women , in two differing areas involved with us... The MAIN one, has such A High Rep I trust.... She's now a nationwide Personality in this organization...and is a real Gem. Now, the OTHER, is a "friend".... who partnered up with my wife on her book and such, and this gal seems to fit the bill (warning) you are throwing out there. bossy, wants things done her way, on her terms etc....she's a good person, but full of personal issues now, that are really effecting her personality.. and I think it's HER you are picking up the "bad vibes" on.. and I feel you are very correct to tell us to "be wary"... and we will. We've been talking between ourselves on this, and getting "cautious" about her... but your insight and seeing this, concretes the issue for us! Thanks for the help, you've put us on the path.... Namaste!

  • As to the other.. the way they are set up, we do make all the final decisions on that side.. so your words work there as well! Thanks again!

  • Good luck to you! Let me know how it goes - I feel your star is on the rise.

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